Review: A Private Paradise 2 by Anna Jaye Wilde

It is “Wild Wednesday” and we are back with Anna Jaye Wilde experiencing another private party with Carrie James in Private Paradise 2.  Anna is always here to give us a little sensual pick me up to get us through the rest of the week. So it is time to venture into a world with some sexy time with some hot strangers.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Anna Jaye Wilde draws us back into this secretive sensual world for another passionate romp between Carrie James and some beautiful strangers. Carrie was recently invited to party with gorgeous people which involves no words and no clothes but plenty of pleasure. This time the party, full of glasses of champagnes and silk covered beds, is located in a Georgian townhouse in London. Absolute discretion is required along with leaving your inhibitions along and your clothes at the door.

“I wanted to start slowly tonight and savour the experience so I decided to be a voyeur to begin with…There were a lot of beautiful people in the room and some were already getting down to business.”

Carrie James is back and more curious than ever. Still the conservative bank teller by day, she is learning to explore her sexual boundaries by night. Shortly after arriving Carrie finds herself armed with binoculars and taking in a scene of writhing bodies and blissful expressions. As the sexiness all around her continues she is more than ready to join in. Tonight she discovers there is more pleasure in numbers and decides that two men are better than one at satisfying her needs along with many other new sensual experiments involving restraints and cameras that she might explore further at the next party.

“He had the most gorgeous arms, I’m not sure why but I’ve always had a thing for strong arms. All the better to lift me with and throw me around!”

Anna Jaye Wilde delivers another titillating fantasy world that leaves erotic readers ready to experience more parties through Carrie’s eyes. I highly recommend for a steamy story that is big on sexy action and short on time. Carrie and the men that satisfy her are sure to please and leave you anticipating an invitation to the next erotic party that is filled with nameless beautiful strangers and moans of pleasure. Whether Anna Jaye Wilde is writing about dirty cops or classy call girls, she knows how to intrigue and arouse.

“To encourage him I reached down and slipped my fingers into his boxer shorts…”


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