Review! A Life For Riley (Sweetest Love #1) by SJ Batsford


I’m a sceptic. Plain and simple. 
Growing up in a home where the words ‘I love you’ mean nothing and vows are broken almost as soon as they were made.
I’m hardened… Because life is brutal, it fookin’ sucks. 
Then there’s him, he may just prove this sceptic wrong.

Official Review

I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

I was so over the moon with happiness to read SJ Batsford newest book “A Life For Riley” and couldn’t wait to meet her newest fictional couple and begin her “Sweetest Love” series. It wasn’t long and I was completely wrapped up in Riley and Jason’s seductive dance of love and discovering how their journey is so much more than just sweet. SJ Batsford had me completely consumed and sweating it out with these two and their budding love affair.

Riley is a young woman who needs someone to be on her side and help her through all the darkness in her young life. Her story squeezed my heart and I couldn’t wait for Jason to come along and show her what true love is really like. SJ Batsford doesn’t just show us Riley’s innocence but also her strength that has helped her survive the cruel life she has been dealt…at least until her knight in shining armor arrives. As much as I love a strong female lead who doesn’t need a man to make it through life, I also love to see a man walk beside her and help her through her troubles. SJ Batsford delivers that in spades with this couple who need each other more with every breath.

Jason had me melting in a puddle with his adorable “cutie” nick name for Riley and his fierce protectiveness over her. Even though he is young himself, he has experienced the love of a family that Riley never has and he is determined to be there for her in every way and show her that she is worthy of an all consuming love…sigh! This hero is everything that a reader could want, with his charm and sweetness mixed with all of his delicious dirty words, you can’t help but fall madly and deeply for him.

SJ Batsford delivers a beginning to a love story that is heat coated in a sweetness that is impossible to resist. I highly recommend “A Life For Riley” for a searing deliciousness that is sure to pierce your heart and take a piece of it with each new chapter you read. I have fallen deeper and deeper into the story telling skills that SJ Batsford weaves with each new book that she writes. I cannot express with words the power and emotion that her words evoke and I am always ready for more. I hope that she does not make us wait long for more of this couple wrapped in more of the sweetness and steam than a reader can imagine.

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