Review: A Dork Wedding (Don’t Judge A Book #2) by Karen Raines

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

A Dork WeddingIt was so wonderful yesterday evening getting some more time with the first couple that Karen Raines created that I fell in love with. Jasmine and Ben once again had me laughing and flustered with all of their crazy wedding antics and their steamy no holds barred sex where the Dirty Dork makes his reappearance. Karen Raines has a rare gift of giving her readers humor and explosive chemistry in equal doses and knows how to tease us and keep us coming back for more. Ben may be a one woman man but his hips are still gyrating to the music, for Jasmine’s eyes only..and of course us readers too!

Jasmine is stuck in the midst of wedding plans to her soul mate who lights up her world and steams up her nights. As much as she wants to marry Ben, she despises the chaos full of taffeta, place cards, and obsessed mothers. If only she could have her Dirty Dork without all the fuss and drama that her mom is creating. Jasmine is my kind of heroine. She is strong, sexy, and has a sense of humor that rivals all others. I can’t help but want to pull up a chair and spend more time getting to know this spirited character.

“I’m happy to brainstorm, Mr. Hope,” my fingers grasped the zipper and slid it down, parting the fabric enough to slip a finger inside and trace him through his boxers.

Ben shows us once again that just below those delicious muscles and nerdy glasses lies a heart of a man that is totally besotted by Jasmine and he intends to prove it with every ounce of his being. I couldn’t help but fall in love all over again with this Game Of Thrones junkie who uses both his brain and his sexy moves to addle Jasmine’s mind and steal her heart.

“Miss Cooper,” he softly called. My mouth dropped open as he began to pop the buttons of his shirt, one at a time, painstakingly slowly. “I hope you have time… to fit me in.”

Karen Raines delivers another scorching read with this couple who met under the pretense of oiled muscles, a fake lab coat, and a yummy thong! Ben and Jasmine wooed and seduced readers once again and kept us dreaming of wedding dresses, dirty strippers, heartfelt declarations, and blow up dolls. I highly recommend A Dork Wedding for a novella that inspires laughter, causes self combustion, and brings us tears of joy! Karen Raines is highly talented and it shows in each of her amazing characters she creates and her incredible story lines.

“This man, his soul, called to me in a way I had only ever read about in the timeless classics of old. He was my everything.”


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