Reed (A Redemption Romance #5) by Anna Scott

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Reed by Anna ScottFrom the moment I opened Luke, the first book in the Redemption Romance series, I have enjoyed every minute of Anna Scott’s writing. It was with a heavy and dreaded heart that I opened Reed. Why you ask? Because I have become more than just fond of this group of friends who have survived war and a suicidal death of a loved one. I have become completely and totally obsessed, attached, and in love with each member of this band of heroes. So to spend the last book and pages with them was like coming home again and was also filled with the bittersweet sorrow of saying goodbye to some of the best book boyfriends a reader could ever ask for. If you are looking for a group of ex-military men who are also hot as hell police and ATF agents, then you need not look any further because Anna brings all of that to life with Luke, Jake, Gavin, Trent, and last but definitely not least…Reed.

Since Reed was introduced in Luke, Anna has been teasing us with glimpses of this cuddly, larger than life, man of mystery. But have no fear ladies and gents, Anna answers all of our questions and brings us into the mind and inner workings of Reed with the tragedy in his family and the heartbreaking “Dear John” letter and how it plays into his current relationship with Gillian. Poor guy! I couldn’t help but to want to cuddle with Reed among many other sinful activities. Anna makes him so loveable, loyal, with a rockin’ body and lots of stubborness that you can’t help but instantly fall for him while simultaneously wanting to ring his neck.

“There was another side to the man I wasn’t sure many of his friends had picked up on. I had only seen glimpses of it, but there was a darkness, something closed up so tight within him it would have to come out eventually.” 

Gillian Young is a heroine that is just as sweet as the pastries from the cafe that she operates but once we hear her story, we realize the true strength and back bone that is such a big part of her. Gili or “precious” as Reed loved to call her, may charm you with her quiet, innocent ways but she truly had me singing her praises with her ability to pull herself up by her boot straps and do what needs to be done whether anyone is there to support her or not. She is a woman with a spine of steel that we could all admire and learn to be more like in real life.

“The first time I’d been careful, I’d been gentle, but now I needed to take her to new places she’d never been before.” 

Anna Scott delivers a finale that is sure to have you tied in knots with suspense and tugging your heart strings over a story that takes you step by step through Gillian and Reed’s tumultuous love story and Gillian’s hair raising circumstances. I highly recommend Reed along with the rest of the Redemption Romance series for gripping, intriguing stories and characters that will be with you long after secrets are revealed and their passion is spent. I know that the series may be over but I will have to venture back to the beginning of this group’s sad beginnings and feel every ounce of despair, inner struggle, and overwhelming desire that all of these heroes and heroines experience over and over again. I cannot wait to see what new fictional ventures Anna Scott takes us upon next. Whatever she chooses to write is sure to entertain and keep things smoldering hot!

“Open your eyes, precious. Look at me,” I demanded. Gillian’s startled eyes shot open and hazel eyes stared into blue as I started to..”


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