Recapitulation (Songs and Sonatas #3) by Jerica Macmillan

Recapitulation by Jerica MacMillan


Title: Recapitulation

Series: Songs and Sonatas Book #3

Author: Jerica MacMillan

Release Date: January 15th, 2018



Exhilaration. Elation. Triumph.

Launching my North American tour is everything I ever dreamed it would be.

Except …

I only see Gabby in weekends shoehorned around shows. Stolen moments where she can come to me or I can take a break to visit her. Holed up together in a hotel.

It’s better than nothing, but it’s a far cry from my ideal. Without her none of this would be happening. It seems wrong that she’s not with me.


Returning to school without Jonathan is everything I feared it would be. Depressing. Stressful. Lonely. Even surrounded by friends, there’s no one who understands the difficulties of juggling all the demands on my time.

I want to quit and join Jonathan, but how can I give up on my own dreams? I know I wouldn’t be happy just as a rockstar’s girlfriend.

But my punishing schedule, jet lag, and distance all strain our relationship and communication. And I’m afraid that if we continue like this, something will eventually break.


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review.

After having read Double Exposition and Development from the Songs and Sonatas and becoming so intimate with both Gabby and Jonathon, I couldn’t wait to get back into their fictional world and spend more time with them. After seeing their relationship flourish through many different phases of Gabby’s college life and Jonathon’s rise to fame, I just knew this couple had more passion and music left in them! It wasn’t long into Recapitulation that Jerica had me firmly entrenched in the drama of their long distance relationship and Gabby and Jonathon discovering all sorts of new things about themselves and their music!

I was fascinated with how much Gabby grows in every way from her music, to her maturity about life, and her love for Jonathon. She shows the world that she is a musician and will shine and share it with the world no matter what and nothing is going to stop her from pursuing music and being a part of Jonathon’s world.

Jonathon is still breaking hearts and making music with Gabby by his side or just on his mind being hundreds of miles away. I was so glad to see that no matter what, Jonathon didn’t become famous and leave Gabby behind. She is always at the forefront of his mind when he makes any decisions whether it is personal or professional. What more could you ask for from a hot rock star than delicious muscles, maturity beyond his years, and consideration for the love of his life!

Jerica Macmillan takes us deep into this fictional world that is ruled by music and love equally for the ultimate angsty and scorching finale. So hold onto your hearts readers because Jerica will take you on a journey filled with amazing, harmonious characters that you will love to watch grow and become stronger throughout their beautiful, heart touching story in the Songs and Sonatas series. I always look forward to reading more of Jerica’s work and falling madly in love all over again!

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