Reading just one book is like eating just one potato chip (Fearsome series)

In our family we are voracious readers. There is not a night of the week that reading does not take place in this household. Reading was one of our favorite past times so naturally there will be lots of reviews on the latest books and the movies that are based off of these books.

I recently had the pleasure of reading the Fearsome series by S.A. Wolfe which consist of three books named Fearsome, Freedom, and Faithful. These books take place in a small town named Hera which charms and draws a reader in more with each book. I fell in love with the characters in the town whether they were gossiping at the diner, working out at the yoga studio, or visiting an estate sale. S.A Wolfe also made the characters more multifaceted with sharing issues such as bipolar disorder, and their fears and joys in starting a new business. In this series there was lots of suspense involving FBI agents, mobsters, and tragic accidents, but fortunately all results in a happily ever after of course. I loved staying up late reading this series and laughing at the antics of the characters as well as almost crying during the more sentimental parts. I am impatiently waiting for future novels by this author to share with all of you.


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