Punish Me Please! (Return by Alexis Alvarez)

Whips and chains don’t really inspire me, but since I became a big fan of Fifty shades, I am more willing to experiment with my reading selections. I am so glad that I did, the writing turned out to be extraordinary, the story line was unique from other romances, and the characters show such growth during the book. This erotic novel, ReturnReturnReturn by Alexis Alvarez
Ava Grimaldi models the hero of her kinky erotic novel on her crush, sexy gym owner and artist Damián Perez, without asking his permission. When Damián finds out, he’s furious, and Ava is worried he will sue her. Damián demands a different payment entirely, though, and soon the two are involved in an intense BDSM relationship of their own. With each sexual encounter growing more passionate and personal, Ava falls hard for Damián, but is hurt when he continually insists that their relation...
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Genre: Erotica
Release Date: 2015-06-22
Kindle Price: 3.99
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, was not just sexy but also humorous and my feelings changed towards the characters as the story progressed.

“This was her fantasy all written out, his face and body and traits mixed in with some imaginary, hot alpha-male sex”

Let’s start with the heroine first shall we? Ava is a strong independent computer programmer, who loves her job. The only problem is in the past she has felt bored and stifled in the bedroom and would love to experience the “wilder” side of sex. She has also had unrequited feelings for Damian, her fitness instructor, for some time and was not quite sure if she would ever be able to express the way she felt. She makes a impulsive decision to combine a little bit of reality (Damian) with what she believes to be fiction (her fascination with BDSM). She writes an erotic tale starring her fantasies and her favorite guy. At times I found myself shaking my head thinking to myself, what is she thinking? As I kept reading, I ping ponged between feeling sympathy for her character and believing that she needed to be punished outside of the bedroom for some of her choices. Where was her strength that I saw at the beginning of the story? Luckily her transformation by the end of the story shows qualities that any woman would admire.

Damián was staring at her, assessing. “In my own way. I enjoy being in control, being with someone who wants to submit to me. Do you know what that means?”

Damien is a sweet, sensual, private, mysterious who likes to dominate in the bedroom. He was sexually attracted to Ava and would love for her to be his submissive but was concerned that his sexual appetites would differ. He pushes away a confused Ava in hopes to deter her interest but neither one of them can resist. Before they are able to further explore their attraction towards each other, he finds out about her budding writing career and is livid. That is when he concocts a plan to turn her work of fiction into a proper punishment that will satisfy his baser instincts. Ava is more than willing to accept his proposition and submit to his domination but will the price of redemption be to steep?

“Oh, really?” she challenged. “You think you can teach me a thing or two?” Thoughts of how he might improvise in the bedroom raced through her mind.

Damian inspired a myriad of emotions throughout the story. I found myself alternating between melting to a puddle of goo over how sweet he was at the beginning. Wanting to stomp my foot like a toddler, or at times wanting to relinquish control and offer my wrist to be bound or spanked right along with Ava. This author created a very informative, entertaining and at times frustrating read. She knows how to invoke strong, varied emotions and leave you guessing until the very end. This book shows both the sweeter and the kinkier side of romance. It also shows how impulsive decisions can impact loved ones while leading your heart in a direction beyond your wildest dreams.


Damián’s breath caught and his hands stilled. “You like it a little rough?” he asked, and Ava felt as if he were asking about more than the kiss. “That’s just how I like it,” Ava dared him. “Can you handle that?” His laugh was low and quick. “Oh, querida, if you only knew,” he murmured into her ear, biting the lobe gently and then harder. “The question may end up being whether you can handle it.”



  1. I’m so proud and excited that you loved my book enough to give this amazing review! Thanks so much. 🙂 -Alexis Alvarez

    • Rochelle's Reviews says

      An amazing book from a brilliant author needs an amazing review. Thanks for the kind words:)

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