Promise me you’ll never settle before you’ve lived… (No Regrets by Kate L. Mary)

I received an ARC of No RegretsNo RegretsNo Regrets by Kate L. Mary
Promise me you’ll be crazy and wild and impulsive. I want to be sure we don’t have a single regret when we get old. Zero. When they were kids, Cami promised her best friend, Julie, not to let life pass her by. But on Cami’s 18th birthday, life hit her head-on, and a devastating car crash left Julie in a coma. Cami blames herself. She should have been focused on the people who mattered most to her, not the hot guy from out of town… Now a college freshman, Cami comes face-to-face with ...
The College of Charleston Book 2
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: 2015-09-29
Kindle Price: 3.99
via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

What happens when you find yourself starting college without your best friend and wanting to honor a promise you made to her when you were fifteen. A promise that does not follow your own heart. This is exactly what Cami has done, made a promise, and she was going to do her best to fulfill it.

This was a profound, heart wrenching story that takes you into the intimate world of innocence, betrayal, guilt, first love, and profound loss. Cami is starting college without the one person who has been her other half for most of her life. She is bound and determine to live the college experience with complete abandon for both of them. Her plan soon unravels when she becomes acquainted with a sexy Brit named Liam who has her wanting to settle down before college even gets started. She is at odds with what she wants and the promises she made between two 15 year old girls. Can she have the best of both worlds?

As soon as I started reading, I did not care for Cami. She was selfish, conceited, and extremely self involved. Even as the story progressed, I felt that my assessment of this character was spot on. I felt sympathy for what she was went through, although I still found myself feeling more for Liam than I felt for her. That being said, Cami was real, flawed, and eventually won my heart over. Watching her struggle with her guilt over her best friend and her love for Liam was heart wrenching. Towards the end that I found my feelings towards Cami changing and I was cheering for her and Liam.

I am pretty sure that the author looked into my soul when creating the sexy, blonde tousled hair, flirtatious, Brit Liam. From his foreign slang down to his confidence in the bedroom, he is the total package. He is a newly reformed playboy who is bestowing all his charm on Cami, much to her frustration.

Kate L. Mary did an amazing job of writing a story that tugs at your heart strings even if you do not bond with all the characters. This was the first book that I have read by this author and I enjoyed this book so much that I plan on reading The ListThe ListThe List by Kate L. Mary
The List. Twenty things every girl must do before she tu
s twenty. . . Body piercing Get drunk First kiss But thanks to her crazy, over-protective father, Annie Roth is way behind schedule. Good thing it’s her first semester of college, because Annie is more than ready to start checking off items. . . Fake ID Skinny dipping Road trip!!! Where it gets complicated? Ryan and Chris. Best friends. Both sweet, funny, totally hot, and totally into Annie. But there are some things on The L...
The College of Charleston Book 1
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: 2015-05-26
Kindle Price: 1.99
, which is the first one in the series. They are stand alone novels therefore no prior knowledge of the characters are needed, but I plan on reading Annie and Ryan’s love story and I am impatiently waiting for Chris’s story in Moving On.


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