Official Review! Shattered (McIntyre Security Bodyguard #4) by April Wilson

Shattered by April Wilson


Title: Shattered

Series: McIntyre Security Bodyguards #4

Author: April Wilson



Beth and Shane’s story continues in this new installment of the McIntyre Security Bodyguard series. After the death of Beth’s childhood abductor, Howard Kline, Beth and Shane are free to begin their life together. 

Beth’s future is looking bright. She’s loving her new job at the bookstore and she has an engagement ring on her finger. Everything is perfect until Shane’s former girlfriend, Luciana Morelli, enters the picture determined to ruin Shane’s chance at happiness. Luciana will stop at nothing to destroy Shane’s future, including threatening the life of the one person he can’t live without. Fans of Lia and Jonah (from Broken, book 3), Cooper, Sam, and Jamie will enjoy seeing their favorite characters playing significant roles in this installment as well.



It has been quite some times since I have been in the McIntyre Security Bodyguard fictional world, and what better couple to welcome me back into the fold but the couple that April Wilson chose to start us on this amazingly suspenseful and sensual journey with Vulnerable. It wasn’t long and I felt wrapped up in the embrace of Shane and Beth and ready to see how all the sexiness and action would play out in their newest book Shattered. I cannot tell you how happy I was to be back in the McIntyre family watching these hot siblings protect those that they love and grapple with one another in the boxing ring during training. April has me completely besotted with each of them and with every new story I am left even more so.

“sometimes you have to see with your heart, not with your eyes. Your eyes can play tricks on you, but your heart… your heart will never lie to you.”

Shane McIntyre is sexy as always in his steadfast loyalty to Beth and his quiet over protective ways. He causes all the chills when his alpha male comes out to play when he thinks any of his loved ones are in danger..especially Beth! I can’t help fallen more madly in love with him every time April takes readers deeper into his and Beth’s story. I will never tire of him and I will always have a special place in my heart for this hero and his all consuming ways.

he stands and unfastens my jeans and lowers the zipper. “Lean back on the counter,” he says in a low, rough voice.

Beth Jamison is her usual gentle soul who has been traumatized in her past and even with the love of Shane and the rest of the McIntyre clan, she still lets insecurities creep in and take over. I adore seeing this amazing beautiful heroine with a heart of gold once again overcome obstacles that most of us would never dream of. Who knew that the love of an older, intense man could help her flourish in the world and learn to love more fiercely? With every dive into Beth’s psyche that April takes us on I become more enamored with the tenacity and vulnerability that she shows. She is such a complex and fascinating character that I am always left begging for more time with this amazing heroine.

As a child haunted by a real-life nightmare, I dreamed of a knight in shining armor, a protector – someone to vanquish my monster. And that’s exactly what Shane did.

April Wilson always grips me with these beautiful characters and leaves me wanting more stories about each one of them, no matter how many times we meet. I cannot wait to read about Jamie and get more time with this blind yet very insightful character who is just as bad ass as the rest of the McIntyre’s. April moves me with her story telling skills and draws me into this intense world waiting breathlessly for more sexy times or danger that lurks around every corner.

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