Official Review! Ruined (McIntyre Security Bodyguard #6) by April Wilson

Ruined by April Wilson


Finally! Sam and Cooper’s long-awaited story is here… a second chance gay romance, with a guaranteed HEA.


Coming out of the closet was easy.
Falling in love with a man twice my age was not.
Cooper grew up old-school, hiding his true self.
He may be the love of my life, but I can’t be his dirty little secret any longer.
He needs to man up and claim me if he wants to keep me.
Just when I think we’re finally making progress, his past comes back to bite him with a vengeance.
His old demons might just want to kill him, literally.
But not if I have anything to say about it.
I’ll gladly bleed for him.

Ruined is book 6 in the McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series, but it can be read standalone.

The series in order:

Vulnerable, book 1
Fearless, book 2
Shane, book 2.5 (a novella)
Broken, book 3
Shattered, book 4
Imperfect, book 5
Ruined, book 6

Coming next:
Hostage, book 7
Redeemed, book 8
…plus a lot more.


To say that fans of April Wilson have been waiting, begging, and longing to indulge in the story of the couple Cooper and Sam of Ruined from the McIntyre Security Bodyguards series is an understatement. April introduced us to these two delicious heroes early on in the series and kept us hanging on with little teases of what these hot blooded, scrumptious men would be like tangled up in love’s arms and overcome with desire. I couldn’t wait to delve deeper into Cooper and Sam’s world and get to know this sexy silver fox and the hot, much younger bodyguard. It wasn’t long into their story and I finally felt I understood the gruff and surly Cooper better and fell even more in love with Sam, which I didn’t think was possible!

April takes us into Cooper’s danger filled and tumultuous past to truly understand why Cooper has been denying his sexuality and devastating his lover Sam in the process. After getting to know this secretive hero more and immersing ourselves deep into both his upbringing and his psyche, I found a compassion for this older, sexy, muscular man and his yearning to be able to come out of the closet and claim his unwavering love for Sam. Cooper has an unrestrained, dominating sexuality that not only calls to Sam but all of April Wilson’s fans.

“I’ve spent forty years hiding my sexual orientation from the world-protecting my lovers-it’s going to take time for me to change my ways.”

What can I say about this gorgeous man who loves to put his body and emotions to the test for the people he loves. My heart broke for Sam when Cooper shunned him and I just knew that they would get through this eventually and be able to stand up loud and proud in front of everyone and show their love for each other. I felt nothing but admiration for this character who wore his heart on his sleeve and his snarky gay t-shirts with nothing but pride. I adore his friendship with Beth and he brought tears to my eyes at every turn with his heart that is bigger than all of his brawn.

“I’m trapped-in limbo. I can’t go on being his closet boyfriend forever-his dirty little secret. But what will happen to us if he won’t at least try? I can’t live with the status quo.”

April Wilson delivers a heart melting read about resolving one’s past so that you can pursue your future. I highly recommend Ruined for a love story full of passion and desire that no amount of adversity and danger can stop. April is not only known for the heat that she gives us but also the deep, intense story lines that keep us waiting with unconcealed excitement for the next story of greatness that she pens. She hasn’t written a book yet that hasn’t resonated so deep inside of me that I have no hope of escaping my obsession for her amazing characters and left me with hope for so much more!

“Part of the excitement for me is the anticipation..waiting for that moment when he first lays his hands on me, wondering what he’s going to do. Will it be slow and sweet? Or will it be fast and rough?”

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