Official Review! Rise by Piper Lawson

Rise by Piper Lawson


I’m Riley McKay. The perfect boyfriend.

Why? I’m rich, good looking, and can climb a mountain with my bare hands. I remember birthdays and anniversaries. And I’m a seriously decent guy.

Your mom will love me. Your dad will respect me (in that grudging way dads do when they know you’re screwing their daughter).

And when it ends, which—let’s be honest—it always does…

I’m nice then too.

There’s nothing missing from my rinse-and-repeat life. Definitely not the girl who walked away ten years ago without a word.

The one who drops back into my life like a fireball when I least expect it.

The only woman I couldn’t do ‘nice’ with.

They say you can’t rise without the fall.

With her, I’ve already fallen. And no matter how sexy she is, how beautiful, or confident or edgy… I won’t fall for Sam again.

Because falling’s easy. Getting up is a b*tch.

Riley and Samantha’s story is a sexy second-chances romance that will give you all the feels. It’s an interconnected standalone with secondary characters from PLAY and NSFW.


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

I absolutely adore second chance romance! It is something about the unrequited feelings and the suppressed desires that keep my heart in a tail spin. Then add to that excitement of this being a story by Piper Lawson and I am so far beyond giddy that I am almost unrecognizable! Piper takes us back into her fictional world to fall in love with another hero from Titan Games and his one true love that got away. It wasn’t long and Piper had me completely engrossed in Riley and Sam’s angsty, second chance love story and ready to get to the steam and well…the combustible love fest that I just knew that they were going to have!

Riley Mckay has everything that you could ever want in a serious boyfriend but unfortunately, none of his relationships ever make it long term because the one that he wants is firmly entrenched in his past…until she isn’t anymore. Riley wasn’t an instant love for me, instead he was a slow burn and before you know it, I was head over heels for this serious, buttoned up, serial monogamous. Once I got glimpses of his amazing heart and saw him in all his sexy action, I knew that he wasn’t the stuffy, stoic guy that I first thought he was but was the perfect man for Sam and her fragile heart.

“I like sex. What man doesn’t? But it’s never been about fucking for me. It’s about having someone to confide in, to hang out with, to challenge. A companion, someone to laugh with and discover…Who you also fuck.”

Samantha had me intrigued from her first appearance. I wanted to find out who this lady is that has Riley in knots and has kept him that way for many, many years. She is a heroine who holds her own heart captive and won’t let anyone close, or at least she hasn’t since she made the mistake of letting Riley in. I instantly loved everything about this heroine from her head strong ways and wanted to know more about the young Sam who had to endure so much that she had to escape into her art and friendship with Riley just to survive. To say that I was intrigued and impressed with Sam is an understatement.

“Her art was her compulsion, and her healing. Sam cried onto the page like other girls would cry into their pillow. The lines and shapes and colors on the page were her, bleeding onto it.”

Piper Lawson delivers a second chance at love that shows us that no matter how far you run, your heart will still win! I highly recommend Rise for a story that gives us a love that conquers distance, pain of the past…everything! I have been a fan of Piper Lawson’s since I opened her first book Schooled and always look forward to her newest couple that are sure to burn up the pages and make us fall head over heels for their brand of desire and angst.

” I want to tease you,” I started, my voice lingering on each word so she could feel how much I meant it, “until you’re begging me to take you. Wherever I want. However I want.”

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