Official Review! Reverb (Songs and Sonatas #7) by Jerica MacMillan


Broken hearts and broken rules …

Parting ways at JFK is harder than either of us expected.
And even though we agreed it’d be best to make a clean break,
there’s nothing clean about it.
When Brendan shows up on my doorstep—
I don’t have the strength to push him away.
I miss him too much.
But the barriers between us still exist
and long-distance relationships aren’t easy.
What will happen when we realize that
electrifying chemistry isn’t enough?

Reverb is the second half of Lauren and Brendan’s story. Get the stunning conclusion to their epic love story today!


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

After reading Overtones, the sixth book in Jerica MacMillan’s Songs and Sonatas series and falling in love with the beginning of Brendan and Lauren’s story, I just had to see the culmination of all of their passion and angst and see what comes of these two. It wasn’t long and Jerica once again had me tied up in knots waiting for these two to finally follow their hearts and instead of their heads. I loved reading Reverb and experiencing once again the level of heat and heart of Lauren and Brendan.

Lauren always came across as being a fly by the seat of your pants type of woman until I got in her head and realized that she is just as cautious about love as the rest of us. At the beginning of Reverb Lauren’s walls around her heart have been reinforced and I couldn’t wait to see Brendan make them crumble once and for all. Lauren has become a favorite heroine of mine in this series and I was beyond ecstatic for her to find love with one of the hot as hell Brasher brothers.

Brendan has won my heart over from the beginning of his and Lauren’s road trip in Overtones and has managed to make it even more his through the remainder of his story. I adore the strong and silent type and Brendan has it in spades. He knows how to charm his way into any woman’s heart which is a good thing since Lauren’s heart is built like a fortress. Luckily Brendan knows all the tricks that a hero needs to conquer loving a strong willed heroine.

Jerica MacMillan delivers another scorching, heart stopping read that is sure to win over all her fan’s hearts. I highly recommend Brendan and Lauren’s story in Overtones and Reverb for a “hold on to your panties and heart” type of read. Jerica never fails to amaze me with her characters and stories and keep me hanging onto her every word and always coming back for more.

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