Official Review! Redeemed (McIntyre Security Protectors #1) by April Wilson


Redeemed is book 1 in the new McIntyre Security Protectors series. It can be read standalone. It’s a full-length novel with a guaranteed HEA.


Ten years ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life

And I’ve paid the price every day since then, both in body and spirit

Now I’m desperate, and the only man who can save me is the one I betrayed so long ago.

I don’t deserve his forgiveness.

He doesn’t owe me a thing.

But like the hero he is, that won’t stop him from risking his life to save me…. even when I don’t deserve it.


My life ended the day Annie broke our engagement and married another man.

I’ve been going through the motions ever since, unable to forget her.

Unable to move on.

I gave her my heart, and I don’t do give-backs, so she’s stuck with it, whether she wants it or not.

When I find out she’s in danger, I’ll move Heaven and Earth to protect her, regardless of what it costs me.

She doesn’t owe me a thing, but damn, I’ll go to my knees for her.

For just one look, one touch, one word.


Since reading Vulnerable, the beginning of the McIntyre Security Bodyguard series by April Wilson, she has had her readers completely and totally besotted and obsessed with her McIntyre’s and anxiously awaiting more time with them. Through the series, we have seen her characters go through many, many suspenseful and sexy times and with each new story we fall just a little bit harder. I myself couldn’t wait to get up close and personal with the tall, dark, and stoic Jake and learn more about his long lost love with “Annie” and fall down the rabbit hole that April was sure to create. It was like she knew exactly what her readers wanted and made all of our wishes come true when she created his story in Redeemed. She takes us on an adventure full of passion, romance, and heart stopping suspense with Annie and Jake that keeps our senses and hearts in a tailspin.

Jake always had me intrigued with his quiet persona and muscled black clothed body. I wanted to know exactly what was going on in that head of his that was always there to protect his family yet never opened up to let all of us in. I thought I was prepared for this mysterious hero but April quickly showed me that I never really knew how much he was going to rule my heart and be master of my emotions throughout his journey with Annie. I was quickly engrossed and enamored with his past, present, and future with his beloved Annie, who stole and broke his heart so many years ago.

Annie is at a crossroads in life that she never expected to be at finding herself begging for not only Jake’s protection but also his forgiveness. Annie soon finds that Jake still holds her heart and all that is dear to her in his hands…for him only to protect. My heart went out to Annie from the beginning of her story and I couldn’t help but see her as a heroine who had walked through the ashes of hell to find her way back into Jake’s open arms. She may have all the emotional scars of her journey, but she will always be beautiful to Jake and I fell just as hard for her as I did all of the McIntyre’s.

April Wilson keeps our hearts in her clutches and squeezes with all her might in her first book in her McIntyre Security Protectors series that is a spin off from her original McIntyre series. I highly recommend Redeemed for a heart pounding, soul stirring, steamy suspense that is sure to top your list of romances. April can never give us enough of this family of bodyguards that will go to the ends of the earth to protect those that they love. With each new story that April pens her writing skills and talents grow exponentially and leave us yearning for more of her danger loving bad ass characters that have mesmerized us.

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