Official Review! Overtones (Songs and Sonatas #6) by Jerica MacMillan


The road trip dreams are made of …

A chance conversation—
where I mention my secret desire to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center—
and suddenly I’m driving from California to New York City.
In the middle of December.
With a guy I just met.
He’s a broody former boyband drummer.
My best friend’s new brother-in-law.
And the guy who wants to make one of my dreams come true.
As the miles tick by,
the temptation to turn other fantasies into reality
becomes too much to resist.
And giving in feels amazing.
If I’m feeling this much already, though,
how will I survive once the trip inevitably ends?

Book 1 in a two part story arc. Book 2, Reverb, will be coming on March 25!


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

From the moment I read Jerica MacMillan’s book Summer Fling, I have fallen hard for her writing. I didn’t think I could fall anymore until I began reading about her hot musical geniuses in her Songs and Sonatas series on their road to fame and love and I was left waiting for their next duet full of angst, crescendos, and unparalleled ecstasy. She is kept my heart and libido in overdrive with these amazing characters who are wrapped up in pursuing their musical careers whether it be through classical music or pop, little do these heroes and heroines know that they will find love along the way. Jerica sets her readers on another journey with a couple that will have our hearts skating around more than the Rockefeller center and will leave us panting and waiting to see where they will take us in the next book.

I was so over the moon excited when I found out that Jerica was going to finally let us dive more deeply into Lauren who has amazed and intrigued me through many other books in the series and find out more about her. She kept me laughing and wondering what made her tick and what would come out of her mouth next. She always kept me on my toes, as just a side character in the stories and I couldn’t wait to see her make her debut and star as the awesome heroine that she is. Can you tell that I am just a little bit smitten with Lauren? Is it that evident? After getting know her better, I am still just as in love with her and am anxious to experience more of the heat between her and Brendan.

Since Jerica has begin introducing the gorgeous, scrumptious Brasher brothers, they have been starring in my boy band fantasies and I am always ready and willing to meet another of the Brasher boys up close and personal. So when I knew that Lauren was going to get all twisted up in the sheets with Brendan Basher, I had the popcorn and cold beverage ready because I knew things were going to get hot and interesting fast! Having met ALL of Jerica’s heroes, I would have to say that Brendan is one of her dirtiest talking book boyfriends yet. He knows how to romance a girl with his whimsical trip to make her dreams come true, charm her, and keep her hot and bothered. What more could Lauren or a reader ask for?

Jerica MacMillan delivers a scorching tale of love found on a spontaneous road trip that leads to so much more than what these two characters bargained for. I highly recommend Overtones for a romance that will leave you breathless and wanting more and more. Of course Jerica has to leave our hearts hanging on a precipice waiting for this couple to come together again in her upcoming book Reverb and consume us with their passion and make us fall just a little bit harder for their brand of steam and love.

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