Official Review! Hostage (McIntyre Security Bodyguard #7) by April Wilson


Fans of the McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series will devour this new installment following the lives of Beth and Shane. This book would be best enjoyed as part of the series.

Beth and Shane have it all. They’re married and expecting their first child. They’ve never been happier.

A weekend getaway puts Beth in the wrong place at the wrong time, and all hell breaks loose, putting both Beth’s life and her baby’s life in mortal danger.

When the unexpected happens, can Shane save his family? Can this alpha protector pull his wife back from the edge before it’s too late?

Hostage is book 7 in the McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series. It’s a full-length novel (70,000 words) that ends in a wonderful HEA.


Opening up another book by April Wilson and visiting the McIntyre’s is like putting on an old comfy sweatshirt and remembering everything that you love about it and anticipating the comfort and solace that you will feel while wearing it. I was beyond ecstatic to be back in the fictional world with these amazingly real and beautifully flawed characters who have become friends to me. The McIntyre’s never fail to illicit happy feelings, evoke sadness and sometimes fear for what they go through, and make me feel every moment of passion that these characters experience. In Hostage, April has us back in the heads and hearts of Shane and Beth, our favorite couple from the series. April gives us one hell of a ride with these two through twist and turns in the story that I never could have saw coming.

I have always had a soft spot for Beth McIntyre, way back before she married Shane and their relationship was just budding in Vulnerable. She has a bit of a soft center and has many issues from something traumatic that happened in her childhood but she also shows strength to overcome anything. April shows us once again how deep that strength runs in her newest story Hostage. Being inside Beth’s mind was terrifying at times and had me on the edge of my seat and was also quite heartbreaking in later pages. But once again, we see how the McIntyre clan comes together to protect and love their own no matter what, which makes me love them all the harder.

Shane McIntyre proves again that he will always be there for Beth in anyway that he can. He will be there through every traumatic situation and each moment of joy. I never think that I can love him more then April shows me how wrong I am. He is the epitome of the alpha male with his over protectiveness with Beth, his ability to rock her world in the bedroom, and how he loves her so completely and fiercely.

April Wilson delivers a pulse pounding, heart in your throat read. Just when I think that things can’t get anymore twisted and convoluted in Hostage, my mind is left reeling again by the next chapter. I highly recommend Hostage for a story of love that does more than persevere but flourishes everything they endure. April amazes me more with every book she writes in her ability to take me on a suspenseful ride and have me experiencing all the feels, in a ways I never expected.

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