Official Review! Hated (Hearts of Stone #3) by Christine Manzari

Hated by Christine Manzari


Frankie DiGorgio has returned home for the summer to fix up and sell the home she grew up in. But when Frankie discovers Austin Stone is also back home and right next door, her summer suddenly seems more exciting than the motocross tracks she races on.

Four years ago, Austin was her best friend. Her first love. The only boy who saw more than just her rough edges.

But Austin left Frankie behind to perform in Las Vegas with his brother Dallas after winning Rising Stars. And Frankie didn’t wait around for him. Instead, she disappeared with no explanation and she hasn’t spoken to Austin since then.

Austin hates Frankie now.

Unfortunately, they’re next door neighbors again and Frankie and Austin can’t avoid each other anymore. With little more than bitterness, heartbreak, and secrets between them, they soon find themselves reverting to their childhood habits—prank wars. As Frankie and Austin’s past is put back together and old feelings resurface, they discover it’s a fine line between love and hate.

And the secrets Frankie has kept could cross the line right into hate.


I received a copy via Net Galley and voluntarily left a review.

Nothing gets my motor running like a second chance romance, something about the characters already knowing each other so immensely and passion smoldering all over again, it just does it for me. Throw in a new to me author and characters who were best friends and now are involved in a prank war, and you have me transfixed and ready to pop some popcorn and have the characters get down to business! Soon Frankie and Austin had me engrossed in their paint slinging, glitter throwing, boxer stealing shenanigans and cackling like a fool all while burning up from their pent up sexual tension.

Frankie DiGorgio is my kind of heroine, with dirt in her hair and under her nails and her tomboy tendencies. I love a girl with a bad ass attitude and smart mouth to match and Frankie has it in spades! I already had a girl crush from the beginning but when Christine gave us glimpses into Frankie’s confidence crushing, pride bruising past, I couldn’t help but fall harder for this girl with a passion for dirt bikes and the nerdy next door neighbor. Her spirit shines brighter than all the stars in the sky and I can see why Austin loves her so fiercely and would protect her at all cost, even after his love turns to hate.

Austin Stone is still a nerd wrapped in a muscular body that has reached celebrity status. He has a talent of playing the cello and Frankie’s heart strings to the point of beauty and tears. Austin had me intrigued by all his contradictions and his obsessive need to hate Frankie and protect his heart from her since she broke it years ago in Las Vegas. He gambled with his love for her and lost and he will never let her forget it. The more I got to know of the quiet, sedate boy behind the cello who always wore his feelings on his sleeve for the girl next door with skinned knees, the more he won me over and owned my heart right along with Frankie’s.

Christine Manzari delivers a laugh inducing, heat building love story that is sure to have you stoking the flames and keep you consumed with humor. I highly recommend Hated for a second chance at love that contains all the fun and passion that a reader could ask for. Now having experienced Christine’s remarkable story telling skills and fantastic characters, I can’t wait to start at the beginning of The Heart of Stone series and find more of her fictional couples to laugh and love with.

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