Official Review + Ebook Giveaway! Tremble by Alison Foster

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Tremble by Alison FosterHaving read all of Alison Foster’s suspenseful romances, I know that her writing contains a lot of steam and intrigue around every corner. What I didn’t expect was to fall so completely in love with the relationship between the hero and heroine and watch it turn dark and twisty as the story progresses. What started out as a plan with a gorgeous male escort and soon to be heiress to fake a marriage quickly escalates into uncontrollable passion and a volatile emotional roller coaster. Alison Foster kept me panting from all the scorching scenes and scratching my head in disbelief at how quickly a romance can go from endearing to downright naughty, turbulent and leave me craving for more! Lukas and Nora are that perfect flavor of sinful and sweet!

Nora McRae has two goals in life and that is to hire a male escort for a fake one year marriage to satisfy an inheritance clause, and find a very rare book that her grandfather wrote for her. Sounds simple and innocent enough right? Wrong. From the moment that she meets Lukas and begins the quest of getting her inheritance she finds herself succumbing to his charm and falling down the elusive rabbit hole to a world full of sinister evil that she never knew lurked in the shadows. The question is will he push her further into the darkness or save her? Nora or “Mac” as Lukas affectionately calls her is sassy, practical, and has never really had her world rocked until Lukas shows her how much passion and color he can add to her lackluster life.

“I’ve never had a man look at me like this, talk to me like this, touch me like this. Can I possibly live up to his expectations? Is there anything at all about me that will feel new to him? I’m just a simple girl who, like every girl, aches to be taken by him.”

Lukas Dupree is an endless well of raw sex appeal and mystery with a touch of darkness that has readers falling to their knees and begging for just one more moment in the presence of this panty melting, heart fluttering hero. Alison had me completely wrapped up in Lukas before she even scratched the surface of this enigmatic creature. He enamored me with bad boy good looks, vigilante justice, and the way he played Nora’s body! He could give me lip service any day!

“She might not be the prettiest girl in the world and she might not be every man’s ideal, but she the most heartbreakingly beautiful girl to me and that hurts. It hurts to know I’m about to break something so delicate, something so innocent and beautiful.”

Alison delivers a romance with so much depth and mystery that you can’t help but feel like you are drowning in emotions and swimming in desire right along side the characters. I highly recommend Tremble for a romance that will leave your insides quivering, your heart palpitating, and trembles of need for another book by the talented Alison Foster. She always brings us a story that doesn’t just entertain but also keeps you turning pages as quick as you can to find out all the answers and experience more of the filthy, dirty, heat these two create.

“I don’t know about you, but I need to fuck once in a while. And why not fuck my wife, if we’re going to be stuck together for a year?”


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