Official Review! Broken Compass by Jo Raven


What if you were in love not just with one, not just with two, but with three hot guys?
And what if they wanted you back?

There are three of them. Three boys.
We’re friends. Neighbors. Our lives are linked through disaster, fear, and pain.
I love them all. Not sure I can live without them. Can we just stay friends?
Can we ignore the desire flaring when we’re around each other?
Can I kiss one and not the other?
I can’t choose.
Don’t want to choose.
And I’m not sure they can, either.
This story will either end up in heartache,
or as any story should: in a happy ending.

Love is not a road. It’s a country. A sprawling galaxy.
Love has no compass. No rules. No limits.
Love is a universe. Lose yourself in it.

*** Warning for possible triggers (sexual abuse) and dark themes ***
** Contains some boy on boy love – m/m **


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

This is by far one of my favorite reads by Jo Raven. It was filled with suspense that had my mind twisting to and fro, trying to figure out the plot and the heat was so thick and sweaty…almost to the point of driving me crazy! Jo Raven let’s the sexual tension build so high between these four…yes, you read that right, she gives her readers girl on boy, on boy, on boy action that is so sexy that you can’t look away! And of course as par the course with Jo Raven’s books, they are all tortured souls that you want to cuddle the hell out of and cheer for them to find their happy ever after. From the moment I met Sydney, Nate, West, and Kash I was smitten and completely theirs!

After meeting Gigi’s vibrant and mysterious best friend Sydney in Bad Wolf, I couldn’t wait to get to know more about her and her “boys”. Little did I know that I was going to get to meet a lonely girl with a colorful personality to match her red hair who hides her sadness and love for her two best friends behind a smile the size of Texas. I loved her big heart that has enough love for Nate, West, and the new neighbor Kash. Even though her love is unconventional, she is loyal and fierce for her three boys in the best kind of way!

Nate grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go with his horribly sadistic situation and his unrequited love for Sydney…and maybe just maybe some confused feelings for his best friend West? He had me sobbing and wanting to do everything in my power to get him away from the hell he in lives in. He takes the love of one woman with wild red hair and two men who mean the world to him to complete and heal him.

West and his many, many issues broke my heart into a million pieces. If there was ever a boy who needed someone to take care of him and show him love, it is West. I fell hard for this boy who needs to learn that no matter what, he can’t fix all the evil, ugly, dirty things in the world. He just needs to immerse himself in the love of Sydney, Nate, and Kash to find all that is right in the world.

Kash is a boy who has been running from his past for to long…that is until he meets Sydney, Nate, and West and doesn’t feel like going anywhere. Kash had me charmed with his bad boy piercings and tattoos and the constant mystery and suspense that shrouds him. I wanted to get in this boy’s head and heart so bad that I was always jonesing for another chapter from his point of view. While Kash was the last person to join this love fest, he was most definitely not the least. Whether he knew it or not, he was often the glue that held them all together. I fell hopelessly and hard for Kash in all ways possible!

Jo Raven delivers the most heart breaking, passionate, and unconventional love story that she has ever created. I highly recommend Broken Compass for a story that gives you intrigue, heat, and emotions times four! I cannot rave enough about the grip and pull this book had on me. Sydney, Nate, West, and Kash had me so wrapped from page one until the end. Jo Raven gives her fans everything that they could want and more and keeps raising the bar higher and higher with her amazingly talented and riveting stories!

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