Official Review! Broken Chords (Songs and Sonatas #4) by Jerica MacMillan

Broken Chords by Jerica MacMillan


“Pop Princess Disappears!”
“Is C-James in Rehab?”
“The C-James Vanishing Act Continues!”

Since I left the public eye weeks ago, I’ve been headline news on all the gossip sites. If only they knew the truth. 

Sorry. Let me back up and introduce myself. 

I’m Charlotte James. That’s right. International pop royalty, megastar, and now, freshman piano performance major at Marycliff University. 

After having every move recorded for nearly a decade, I need a break. From my mom micromanaging my entire life. From being “on” all the time. From the constant touring, performing, and manufacturing hits one after the other. 

So I enlisted the help of my friend Jonny B and his new fiancée Gabby to help me nail my audition for the music department. With a new look and my real name, no one has a clue who I am. 

Not even the guy I’m dating. 

I want to tell him, but as long as he’s in the dark, I get to be just plain Charlie. It’s too much of a risk to tell him the truth.

Because how will I survive if my two worlds collide?

Calling all lovers of rockstar romance, beta-alphas, and hidden identities! This is the book for you. Grab the next installment in the epic Songs and Sonatas series now!


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

Having fallen madly in love with Jerica MacMillan’s writing since the beginning of her Marycliff Players series and having love grow through her Songs and Sonatas series. I was more than ready to get an up close look at the discontent, jaded pop princess Charlotte James and find out who could possibly steal her heart that has always belonged to music. It wasn’t long and I was entranced by this singer turned piano player and the handsome and quiet cello player that make beautiful music together.

Charlotte James who is known to her close friends as Charlie is living a double life now that she is a music student at college getting away from the fame and life of a pop star. Little did she know while she is hiding out rediscovering her love for music that she would find that and so much more! After meeting Charlotte earlier on in the series, I was more than intrigued to be a part of her journey and see her discover who she really is away from the celebrity lights and her finding love along the way is just the cherry on top of the sundae. She is a young woman who quickly captured my heart with her personal growth and big heart and I am impatient to see how her story ends.

Damian is a bit of an introspective hero who is just looking for that spark in a future girl friend. Many times he thought he had found it but to no avail. That is until he meets “Charlie” and his world stops turning. After the men that Charlie has had in her life who are only with her to further their careers or for other selfish reasons, Damian is a breath of fresh air. He may seem soft spoken and soft hearted but with the right woman he can be commanding and intense..and Charlie is just the one that he was looking for!

Jerica MacMillan delivers another crescendo building saga in her Songs and Sonatas with a whole new couple to obsess over. I highly recommend Broken Chords as well as the other books in the series for a world full of love and passion that is sure to be music to your ears. Jerica always captivates my attention and keeps me riveted with her story lines and heart pounding characters. I cannot wait to read more about this music making couple!

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