Need a Little “Justice” in Your Life?… (Captivated By Your Love by Kennedy Kelly)

Immediately after reading The Right Kind of LoveThe Right Kind of LoveThe Right Kind of Love by Kennedy Kelly
Damaged, but not broken, Sydney Summers picks up her life and moves halfway across the country. After a tragic event that has rocked her to the core, she is determined not to let it taint her future. Her entire world is tu
ed on its axis when her new roommate isn’t the person she thought they would be. Making the best of the situation, like she always does, she trudges forward and lea
s that, although life may not seem perfect all the time, it can end up being pretty damn good. Damien B...
The Blue Heart Series Book 1
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: 2015-06-03
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
(See Review) by Kennedy Kelly, I found out that there was another book about the Blue family and I just knew I had to have it! Yes I know… I’m a book addict and I have a problem. From the first page of Captivated By Your LoveCaptivated By Your LoveCaptivated By Your Love by Kennedy Kelly
She’s fire and he’s Ice, both demanding and both used to getting their way. Put them together and there is one hell of a storm. Two souls drawn together by an unexplainable force, their chemistry is off the charts it sizzles. Some say what they do best is fight, but they know what they do best isn’t in the fight, but the makeup sex that comes after. Jealousy and impulsive decisions find Abbee now answering to Mrs. Blue. Can the newlyweds find a way to tame themselves and each other long e...
The Blue Heart Series Book 2
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: 2015-07-17
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
, I was sure that I had made the right choice. This novel is the second book in the Blue Heart series and I am hoping for many more to come. With characters like the handsome, passionate, Italian Blue family a romance series cannot go wrong. They are entertaining and larger than life. Having Justice Blue (Damien’s older brother from the first book) and Abbee Burkhart (Sydney’s best friend) makes this story double the passion, intensity, and fun than before. Abbee and Justice are great together… I love the way they challenge each other and love each other fiercely. So allow me to introduce you to this dynamic duo that will have you salivating and addicted after the first glimpse into their world.

First, Abbee Burkhart. She’s a headstrong, flirtatious, out going, not often practical nurse who charmed me with her love and loyalty towards her best friend Sydney. She recently moved from Detroit to room with Sydney and Damien. I admire her bravery and her ability to put herself out there. She is no shrinking violet, except for at the beginning of the book with Jenson. Her interactions with him almost caused me to reconsider her status as one of my favorite characters in the series, but then she endures such unspeakable tragedy that made me feel ashamed of the thoughts that I had towards her character. She is a bad ass, strong, chick that gives Justice a run for his money. When it comes to him, she gives as good as she gets, whether it is an argument or something more intimate. If you enjoy reading about strong heroines like I do, then Abbee is your gal.

“Justice was pure, raw, male, blue collar. I wish we had gotten out his cuffs and played last night. Now that would have been something else to check off my bucket list.”

Justice has me wanting to be handcuffed to the bed and scream “Take me Justice!” He also has me wanting to take Justice into my own hands if you know what I am saying. He is an amazing single father, a badass cop, and has so many wonderful qualities about him that I have become a bonafide member of the “I love Justice” club. With a quick temper, unwavering loyalty, and fierce protectiveness for the people he loves, the sparks fly between him in Abbee over his demanding ways. He is determined to have his way and Abbee has her mind made up to be his opponent. This recipe makes for hot tempers and even hotter make up sex. Justice is an “Alpha Male” who is not afraid to use his tattooed good looks to get what he wants, and Abbee is about to find that out.

“Just please tell me when you meant what you said when you told me you were mine. Because, baby, there is nothing else in this world that I want to hear.”

This is a stand alone novel that is part of a series that can be read out of order. Although trust me, you too will fall in love with Abbee and Justice so much that you will yearn to read the love story between Sydney and Damien as well. After finishing this book, I am anxiously awaiting Crazy Love to read the rest of Abbee and Justice’s story. I have this feeling that we have not read the last romance about the Blue family which leaves me wondering whose story will be next. Will it be Reeve, Sebastion, or maybe their baby sister Destiny?  We are in for a wild, fun, and passionate ride, no matter which Blue is in our future.

“Because you are crazy about me. Because I’m crazy about you. Because we have an explosive connection, and we are amazing together, babe. Because you can’t see your life without me.”



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