Love Addicts Anonymous: Part One by J. C. Reed & Jackie Steele

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Love Addicts Anonymous by JC ReedAfter reading Beautiful Distraction and falling madly in love with J. C. Reed’s writing, I just knew I had to meet her and Jackie Steele’s newest heart throb Kade Wright in Love Addicts Anonymous. She soon whisked me away to a rehab center on an island and isolates us with two wonderful characters and some other love addicts to indulge in the beginning of a budding relationship. The authors give us a hero and heroine that will not only heat things up but will also bring us lots of humor. They are in such denial of their addictions that they will keep you laughing. Kade and Vicky are just getting started but they are already on the path some steamy situations!

Kade Wright is a CEO of his own company, but nonetheless, the board has informed him that if he doesn’t attend a rehab center and stop his philandering ways he will no longer be the CEO. I absolutely adored the gorgeous, exhibitionist, sarcastic Kade who loves to pleasure women as much as receiving it. I cannot wait to get another dose of this smooth talking hero who knows how to take matters in his own hands, so to speak.

Vicky Sullivan is a nurse who has a penchant for hearts and flowers and when she believes that she is in love, even restraining orders won’t keep her away. So now she finds herself court ordered to go to rehab and saddled with an ego maniac who runs around in nothing but a towel. How is she supposed to cope with being away from her love and in the presence of Kade? I found Vicky to be hilarious and endearing, I have a feeling that there are a lot of shenanigans and steamy times in her future.

J. C. Reed and Jackie Steele delivers a start to Kade and Vicky that leaves readers salivating and anxiously waiting and ready for another delectable sample. I highly recommend Love Addicts Anonymous for a light hearted romance with easy banter and promise of lots of heat in the near future. I am left addicted and biting my nails in anticipation and wanting much more. J. C. Reed and Jackie, we need more Kade and Vicky very soon!


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