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We are very much a reading family, big surprise I know. You can find us reading a variety of different ways for instance on the internet when we scour wikipedia in search of ideas for a research paper, online news, blog post ideas, or even social media. As well as in print such as paperback, hardback, magazines. Of course we cannot forget the newest technology which is ereaders, tablets, and phones. You can find us making a quick trip to the library, wandering around a bookstore, searching at yard sales, perusing amazon for new titles or reading in the back of a thrift store. The point is we take advantage of every opportunity and every way to read whether it is in print, laptop or any electronic device.

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I am sure everyone has heard the newest debate, books vs. electronic devices, used for reading. Everybody is different, some people love the smell and feel of books while other people have a hard time holding a book in their hands due to arthritis or just like the compact nature and lightness of a kindle or tablet. In our house, you find all ends of the spectrum, some of us prefer our tablets, others their laptop, or a phone and even a good old fashion book.

I personally have been an avid reader since I learned to read and we have books piled throughout our house in various places. My most recent favorite way to read is with the kindle app on my tablet. I love having hundreds of books available to read at anytime or anywhere. Once I was able to read from a kindle, I took the reading world by storm, the only problem is I would lovingly stare at books on Amazon that cost money. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love the free book titles and take advantage of any book that is free, but that is often the first book in a series. Then if we enjoyed the series, we would then want to buy the following books. We are a very frugal family and we try to adhere to free or inexpensive forms of entertainment.

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When the Kindle Unlimited program became available, it was the answer to our prayers. We are now able to select from 800,000 titles for $9.99 a month. We are able to check out ten books at any given time and between all of us, we always have ten checked out. We are able to read them from any electronic device and from all different genres. We have checked out classics for school, young adult, suspense and of course my personal favorite romance. The average price of a single kindle book is 2.99 so all we have to do is read more than three on kindle unlimited every month which we read more than double if not triple that amount. We have been using this service for a year and have enjoyed it so much that we even gave a family member a year long subscription. You can purchase either 6, 12, or 24 month gift subscriptions. I definitely recommend trying a free 30 day subscription if you or your family are avid readers.  Also if you do not have a kindle account it’s FREE and easy to set up, and you can get that here:Amazon.com – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

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