Kane & Amber just happen to be… (Playing with Fire by Anna Jaye Wilde)

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.*
After reading SurrenderSurrenderSurrender by Anna Jaye Wilde
Surrender Behind the scenes at a luxury hotel, dark desire abounds. Secret arrangements evolve into whippings, spankings and immense debauchery. “Surrender” is a story of temptation and domination that will excite and tantalise you. ADULTS ONLY – EXPLICIT CONTENT
Secrets of a High Class Call Girl Book 1
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: 2015-07-18
Kindle Price: 0.99
Kindle Unlimited
(See Review) by Anna Jaye Wilde, I decided to become more accustomed with her books. Since the description for Playing with FirePlaying with FirePlaying with Fire by Anna Jaye Wilde
Kane Nothing fazes me. Not ever. Men want to punch me, women want to fuck me. That’s just the way I like it. Nobody really knows the real me, I like to keep my private life, well, private. No woman has ever got under my skin. I’ve fucked a lot of them and not one has ever known me, inside and out. I never thought anyone could make me crumble, break the façade and expose my secrets and fears. Until now. Amber I’m ambitious. I’m determined to make a success of myself. Nothing is g...
NA Book 0
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: 2015-07-08
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
appealed to me, I figured “Why not?” What could be better than an office romance where you are dominated by your boss(if your boss was as sexy as Kane that is). They’re demanding enough already out of bed, so why not in bed? All I can say is Whew! In this provocative, short story Anna Jaye Wilde had Amber and Kane burning up the sheets. If you are looking for a scorching hot office affair with a BDSM twist look no further. Kane is sure to please with his melted chocolate eyes and dark good looks and he knows how to use them to get Amber in all the ways that he wants her. Amber is gorgeous in an unknowing manner that has all the men panting after her. While she is trying to squelch her dark desires for her boss Kane. If only he could give it to her in all the ways she has fantasized. Once the passion takes hold there is nothing they can do to stop their magnetic attraction.

“He could touch anything he bloody well wanted to, she thought. But be professional Amber, she told herself. Get the job first, then fantasise later”

Little did Amber know the minute that she stepped in the door at Morrison, Jones, and Davies for her first day of work that she would have to call on her willpower and professionalism to keep from doing very unprofessional things to her boss. She had every intention of proving her worth to the company and rising to the top. She was not going to let these intense feelings and fantasies for her boss get in the way…or was she?

“She needed to be fully in the moment and not thinking about the dirty sexy things that she could do to Mr. Clarke if only she had the chance.”

Kane knew he could get what he wanted from any woman around and he left sexually frustrated woman panting in his wake. He used it to his advantage with selling properties and often had women eating out of the palm of his hand. What he didn’t expect to have was the kind of reaction his body had to Amber’s presence. He was used to being in control and he had plans to be in control with Amber, she just didn’t know it yet.

“What do you want, Amber? I get the feeling you want more than just a working relationship, am I right?”
“I like it rough, Amber. I may look like a good boy but if you open my bag you will see what I mean.”

This book will have you burning the midnight oil in more ways than one. I highly recommend this fast, erotic read that is sure to stimulate your senses and leave you wanting more of Kane and Amber. I would suggest if you are looking for a sexy afternoon with your boss without fear of being fired, then take an imaginary trip to Kane and Amber’s world and indulge your fantasies.


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