Just Released + Official Review! With A Beat of My Heart by S. J. Batsford

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

With a Beat of My Heart by S. J. BatsfordJust a few months ago, I had the pleasure of discovering S. J. Batsford and her unbelievable ability to weave a riveting story line with addicting characters. You get so attached you wonder what they are doing long after you read the last line of the book. I fell so hard for the characters from “In A Blink Of An Eye” and she left us wanting to know more about the complex and frustrating Ethan. I was beside myself to be able to read “With A Beat Of My Heart” and experience more of Ethan’s world from his thoughts, feelings, and all of his sexy actions. What I didn’t expect was to feel was so much sympathy and love for him after wanting to strangle every last breath from him for his and Lily’s relationship. Soon S. J. Batsford once again had me hanging on her every word and ready to jump in bed with Ethan and his new lady love.

Ethan Barker manage to melt, steal, and shatter my heart just like in the first book in the series much like he did with Lily. So to say that I had mixed feelings about this hero is an understatement. But never fear, S. J. had me tripping over my heart and turning pages quick enough to get a cramp in my finger and whiplash wanting to know more about Ethan and his screwed up situation. By the end I was putty in his hands once again and reluctant to say goodbye to him and his shadowed, secretive past.

I thought that Lily was Ethan’s soul mate but little did I know that S. J. could create someone even better to help Ethan along on his road to redemption. She is most definitely the yin to his yang and had my heart wrapped around her finger in no time at all.

S. J. Batsford delivers another story that shows her readers once again that life takes twist and turns that we would never know or expect but give us the love and happiness that we need to fulfill our destiny. I highly recommend “With A Beat Of My Heart” for a story full of regret, atonement, forgiveness, unbridled passion, and of course a love like none other. I cannot get enough of S. J. and her stories that keep you guessing and wanting much more of these amazingly real characters. After reading the second book in the Loving Lily series, I am beyond impatient and restless to read more about Mason and Niles. I am sure that S. J. Batsford will have readers just as enamored and thrilled to meet her newest characters and venture back into this fictional world we have all become obsessed with.

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When tragedy strikes, Ethan is forced to readjust and learn lessons he thought he’d mastered long ago.
As life goes, with darkness comes light.
Secrets are revealed, lives torn apart…
I thought losing Lily was hard… Well, it has nothing on what is at stake now… To lose everything I hold dear and have to start again is excruciating.
“Life’s a bitch and then you marry one.”
Truer words have never been spoken.
Everything is dark, shadowed, there is no light, until I meet her. She is my light, my salvation, and strength as I struggle to cope with all the changes in my life.
It’s said God never puts more on your plate than you can handle, but with Ethan’s plate overflowing will he survive all the challenges life throws at him?

With A Beat Of My Heart #4

With A Beat Of My Heart #3

With A Beat Of My Heart #2

With A Beat Of My Heart


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