Just Released + Official Review! When It Rains (Where She Belongs #1) by Kitty Cox


She was supposed to rescue strays, not become one.

Brook had her life together. For six years, she checked off all the right boxes: beautiful home, middle class life, and a dream job managing an animal rescue. She’d worked hard to reach those pillars of success, but there was one thing she didn’t plan for.

Her husband’s temper.

She thought no one noticed, but her latest court-appointed volunteer didn’t miss the bruise on her arm. Ryder knew something was up, and he wouldn’t rest until the beautiful woman with a heart big enough for every dog in the shelter had her own happy ending. Those were what he specialized in, after all. He just had to remind himself that he wasn’t a hero. This was no different than rescuing a stray. All he had to do was follow the steps.

Step one: get her away from the abuse.
Step two: find her a safe place to live.

And that was the problem. The home he shared with his twin brother was not a safe place for her. If one man did that much damage, how much worse would it be when she was locked alone with two? Still, he and Hunter had to help, even if they had their own demons – and she was bringing them all back to the surface. This one desperate woman was about to find herself in the middle of a storm she never saw coming.

Sometimes, when it rains,
It pours.


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

Having only read books by Kitty Cox that were part of an author duo, I didn’t quite have any idea what I was getting myself into, but since I love me some menage romance especially with two delicious twin heroes, I was more than happy to jump right in! From the first chapter I was hooked on the sordid love affair and weird chemistry that is between these three. I couldn’t wait to see how the story unfolds and see these two heroes rescue their girl from the arms of a cruel and abusive husband.

Brook is a woman who used to be independent and let her wildness shine but through the years, her husband has slowly eroded both away. I loved watching her rediscover who she was and learn to do what makes her happy despite the unconventional road her heart is taking her on. The more I knew about Brook and saw her grow and blossom, the less I felt sympathy and the more I felt pride and admiration. Kitty Cox gives readers a heroine that they can resonate with because every woman out there wants to reach that point where they are confident and self assured in their actions and they don’t have to look to others to find that in themselves.

I fell hard and fast for Ryder, with his quiet broodiness and his unwavering love for animals. I can’t help but love a man of action and he is all that and more when it comes to Brook. He had me all sorts of tingly when it was just him in the picture, but then let his twin brother Hunter join him and my heart and panties were incinerated by this magnificent muscly duo.

Hunter grabbed a hold of me with his charm and charisma and of course of his love for his brother which therefore extended to Brook before he ever got to know her. I loved how he opened his home and his heart to Brook and became one of her knights in shining armor no questions asked. Kitty knew just what Brook needed when she brought these two handsome devils crashing into her life to show her how amazing love and passion can truly be when you don’t hold back because of conventional restraints.

Kitty Cox delivers an remarkable love story that inspires all others with the desire and steadfast loyalty that take place between this unlikely trio. I highly recommend When It Rains for a romance that checks all the boxes and gives you more heroes to love. I cannot wait to read more stories by Kitty Cox, she has entertained, wooed, and impressed me with her story telling skills and I look forward to reading all of her future works.

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