Just Released + Official Review! Ticked (Don’t Judge A Book Novel) by Karen Raines

Ticked by Karen Raines


Title: Ticked

Author: Karen Raines

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Released: January 5th, 2018


Quietly complex, that was my life.
I had the job of my dreams, great friends, an overprotective cousin and a stripper for a best friend! What more could a girl ask for?
Then my new boss came on the scene and it all went to sh*t. He’s cocky, handsome, has never had to struggle for money and has these gorgeous brown eyes that just see right into your soul… wait, what was I saying?
Right… Perry Moore. He’s everything I stay far away from but I’m stuck with him, day after day.
And he wants me.
But he’s my boss! Surely that’s gonna be awkward. His family screams status – mine? Not so much.
Not to mention I turn into a wreck whenever he turns that smile my way.
Oh, and then there’s this little, tiny detail…
I have Tourette’s… because dating isn’t complicated enough!


I received a book and voluntarily left a review.

Ever since reading Dork To Dirty, the first book in the Don’t Judge A Book series by Karen Raines, I have devoured every book of hers and am always anxiously awaiting her next piece of amazing work. So when I opened Ticked, I knew that it was going to hit me in all the right emotional spots, tickling my funny bone and sending tingles of arousal along the way. What I did not expect was a romance that takes us so deep into the heart of an issue that has not touched most readers lives nor have we given much thought or concern to. The heroine in Karen Raines newest book shows us what real strength and tenacity looks like. It wasn’t long into Willow and Perry’s story that I was feeling every hurtle that Willow had to overcome in her pursuit of love and happiness.

Willow Summers is by far one of the most unique and interesting fictional characters I have ever met. She shows how strong she is in every situation and wields her sense of humor like a shield to ward off pity and harsh judgments. I became so attached so quickly to this quirky heroine who goes after her dreams no matter what obstacles are in her way muttering polish curse words and poultryisms with every step she takes. Karen brought this character to life in such a vivid way that you can’t help but fall helplessly in love with her.

Perry Moore has that smoldering, buttoned up, commanding presence that leaves women panting and flushed when ever he walks into the room. To see the effect that he has on Willow is beyond hilarious! Their interactions kept me laughing with tears of mirth rolling down my face and I couldn’t wait to see these two get it on! Perry shows readers that he is a man that can respect and love every unexpected nuance that is a part of Willow’s vibrant personality and has you head over heels by the end of their story.

Karen Raines delivers another romance that has the perfect blend of humor, heartfelt emotions, and amazing characters that become friends that you want to visit everyday. I highly recommend Ticked for a story unlike any other that you will never want to end. Karen impresses me more and more with each new character that she creates and story that she pens. Her talent shines through in every word that she bestows upon us. It doesn’t matter if she is writing about gyrating hips in a zany strip club like Hot Steppers or about a group of friends that find love after loss, she captivates and titillates readers page after page and keeps us begging for more!

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