Just Released + Official Review! Rush by Molly McLain

Rush by Molly McLain


He’s a stranger.
An unexpected surprise.
A risk I have no choice but to take, thanks to this blizzard.

I shouldn’t want him.
But his touch and his kisses…
They’re the perfect distraction.
Until this passes, anyway.

My instincts said I’d be fine, but I should have listened to my head.
Things that are so easy…so comfortable…so perfect…
Are usually too good to be true.

No matter how potent the rush. 


I received a copy and voluntarily left an honest review.

Molly McLain has impressed me with her storytelling skills from the moment I picked up Fly and met her gorgeous “Country Boy” and my admiration has grew with every book I have read. So I was more than willing to throw caution to the wind and meet up with her two newest characters on a snowy stranded night and experience the uncontrollable heat that sparks between these two strangers in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t long into Rush that Molly had me holding my breath and hanging by a thread emotionally waiting to see the blinding fireworks that RJ and Juliana would create together.

RJ is a stranger that looks dangerous enough to be an axe murderer..or maybe just a hot as hell man that can a rock a woman’s world and turn it upside down which is exactly what he does to Julianna. I was mesmerized by everything about RJ from his rough exterior, the mystery surrounding him, and his words could scorch any woman on the spot! Every time he called her gorgeous or affectionately referred to Julianna as “Crash” I fell a little harder!

“You’re an unexpected surprise Crash. Shame about your car, but I’m damn glad you ended up here.” 

Julianna is a journalist that is willing to do anything to advance her career, even go out in the middle of winter to interview a “reclusive” author. What she doesn’t bargain on is ending up stranded and at the mercy of a sexy stranger and his dog. I couldn’t help but feel every emotion and thought that ran through Julianna’s mind and feel myself falling for the mysteriously handsome RJ and wanting to unearth all of his secrets right along with her.

“Sometimes a girl needs to live dangerously. Just for a little while.” “Is that so?” he rasps…”Tell me more about that.”

Molly McLain delivers a scorching wintery tale that will leave you wrapped in the arms of two strangers and succumbing to all of their wicked desires and angsty feelings. I highly recommend Rush for a tumultuous winter escape that leaves libidos and emotions running high! I adore Molly McLain’s writing and can’t wait to jump back into another of her fictional worlds!

“Breathe, gorgeous. I got you.” He keeps saying that, but does he really? Is he somehow going to have me when it’s time to go?”

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