Just Released + Official Review! Rampage by Brittany Crowley




(Bound By Cage #2)


Brittany Crowley

Release Date: April 24th

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Pregnant and alone is never where I saw myself in life. Shit happens and
you have to roll with it. He made his choice, and it kills me each time I
see him living his new life. But what if things aren’t really as they
appear? What if I can still have a happily ever after?


You know that guy, the one that screws up his whole life over a stupid
decision? Yeah, that’s me. I had the girl and I blew it. Now I’m determined
to salvage my fighting career and win her back. She doesn’t know it yet,
but I’m not taking no for an answer.



I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Having read Caged and having already taken a fall for one of the Cage brothers, I was ready and oh so willing to get down and dirty with Josh Cage. He intrigued me with his quiet, unassuming, sexy self and I couldn’t wait to see the way him and the ever so feisty Ashlyn would get along. It wasn’t long and Brittany had me hooked and salivating over another delicious fighter and his equally sexy girl! Rampage takes readers on a journey with so many twists and turns that you can’t help but get a case of whiplash while being all hot and bothered!

We first get to know a little about Josh and a whole lot about Ashlyn in Caged and get to see their love starting to bud. Brittany left me curious and wanting more of these two by the end of Xander and Savvy’s story in Caged. I couldn’t wait to jump back in and see what had caused this couple that was boiling hot to suddenly become so cool to one another. My heart broke for Ashlyn and her position with being left pregnant and alone with a broken heart. I admired her tenacity and back bone for wanting to raise the child on her own. No one should be a second choice and that is how she felt..until she knew better.

“Hellcat, I’m about to turn your world upside down and the only thing you’ll be able to do is scream my name.” 

Josh had my heart battered with his choices that he made early on but I could see where he was coming from. But no fear ladies, it wasn’t long before this hot specimen of a man was back in my good graces and had Ashlyn’s body trembling once again with desire and her heart completely owned by him. I was so enamored by Josh and his shy and loving persona out of the bedroom but while he was in the bedroom…the wild beast was let out of his cage and no reader and her unmentionables were safe!

I try to move my hips but he holds me in place. “You taste sweet.” He looks up at me. “Are you sweet, or are you my dirty girl?”

Brittany Crowley delivers a romance that gives us the ending we want with a hot and suspenseful story that we will never forget. I highly recommend Rampage along with Caged for some alpha fighter brothers that will leave you swoony and wilted! I seriously cannot get enough and am over the moon excited for a sample of Jay and what he can do in the cage and bedroom! Hurry up Brittany and put your reader fans out of their misery and feed our growing addiction!








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Brittany Crowley grew up in Massachusetts and still lives there today. She
is a stay at home mom to her three little ones and loves every second of
it. Getting into the world of romance after she had her first child, she
was hooked. Never thinking she had what it takes to write, she had many
ideas in her head but never put them on paper. Now you can find her trying
to keep up with her crazy kids and writing any chance she gets.







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