Just Released + Official Review! Open Hearts by Eve Dangerfield

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Open Hearts by Eve DangerfieldHaving read and absolutely adored Julia and Max from Locked Box, I couldn’t wait to find out what Julia’s sister Ash was up to and watch another Bennett sister fall in love. Eve Dangerfield takes us back into this fictional world to meet and fall for a feisty nurse who has looked for love in all the wrong places and a hot, sweet, and extremely adorable man. It wasn’t long before I was completely entangled in the heat and angst between Ash and Dean in Open Hearts.

Ash Bennett is a bit of a wild child from the wrong side of the tracks, but now has worked her way through college with a good head on her shoulders and holds a steady job. I couldn’t help but admire Ash’s practical mind and sassy mouth. She is hell on wheels and exactly what Dean wants and needs both in his life and in his bed… if only he can convince her. She is a character that seems on the surface to have it all together, and then we’re shown the scars that are left from her childhood and how it colors her feelings towards Dean. She is multifaceted and fascinating to get to know.

It so wasn’t her style to be turned on by cluelessness but god she just wanted to bury her hands in Dean’s hair and tell him what to do. Force him to stop talking and do something useful with his mouth.

Dean Sherwood is a hero unlike any other that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Eve gives her readers such a unique character that isn’t over the top and in your face with his macho ways. Instead he endears you to him with his muscled good looks, puppy dog eyes, and his ability to pleasure a woman and ask for only her time in return. It took me a little while to warm up to Dean but he slowly won over my emotions and thoughts with his kink and his bigger than life heart…or it could have been his love for the Princess Bride..who knows?

Turned out if you were smart enough to set aside your dumb expectations about what a boyfriend should be, you could find something even better than what you thought you wanted.

Eve Dangerfield delivers a story that is filled with such depth of emotion and so much steam that she has her readers laughing over Dean’s absurd antics on one page, crying over heart to heart talks between the sisters on another, and by the end combusting with desire. I highly recommend Open Hearts for a love story that will knock you off your feet and expose your vulnerability for a battle worn heroine and a hero who is equal parts cuddly and sexy. Eve thinks outside the box when it comes to creating characters and story lines and leaves her readers with completely different expectations for what happy ever after should look like. I always look forward to venturing into another of her worlds and feeling the passion and love that her characters find whether they are locked in an evidence room or hiding out in a bathroom at a pretentious party. Eve never fails to charm me with her writing and create smokin’ hot stories!

“That what you want? Don’t tempt me if it isn’t, because I’ve been picturing riding you bareback for weeks now and if you keep looking at me like that I’ll fucking do it.”


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