Just Released + Official Review! Forever Rome by Brittney Sahin

coverI received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Having become a fan of Brittney Sahin’s Hidden Truth series, I couldn’t wait for Brittney to take me away to another fictional world in Rome where the accent can make any woman combust and the athletes are out of this world! For being Brittney Sahin’s first contemporary, she rocked it and kept me riveted to every “Merda” that was uttered from Marco’s mouth to every twist and turn of their story! Marco and Maggie keep the game of cat and mouse heated, complicated and had me hanging on to see the final score!

Maggie Lane is a sports columnist for Men’s Health and Sports Magazine who is completely obsessed with American football and has been chasing after her ever elusive dream of writing about the Super Bowl. As much as she loves the game, she never trust the players, no matter how hot they are or what smooth talk comes out of their mouths. That is until her editor dangles promises of writing future articles about Super Bowl in front of her and has her on her way to cover a story on a sexy athlete playing an entirely different type of football. She finds herself completely out of her element with the sport and the delicious man in front of her. Can she keep to her number one rule and resist the player or will she become a rule breaker? I immediately liked this contemplative, down to earth, intellectual heroine who wears both her mistrust and her heart on her sleeve. I loved seeing Marco tear down all the walls she had built around her heart and show her that not all athletes are players off the field.

“How do you want me, my Maggie?” Was I his? While in Rome, I could be his all he wanted.”

Marco Valenti is tall, dark, and mysterious with his surprising announcement of not playing this season and his reluctance to tell anyone why. When the blonde, tenacious, journalist Maggie starts asking uncomfortable questions and is getting under his skin in more ways than one, he fights even harder to keep his secrets. Marco had me spellbound with his beautiful Italian language, sculpted muscles, and his dirty moves. He had me wanting to relocate to Rome in hopes of finding my own intense, delectable piece of man candy. A woman can dream can’t she?

“Marc. Marc-O. He would definitely deliver a big O, I was sure of that.”

Brittney Sahin scores big with her debut contemporary novel and takes her readers to the ruins of Rome and gives us a love that spans the ocean and goes the distance. I highly recommend Forever Rome for a romance that brings the heat, is rich in history, and leaves you salivating and sighing over foreign athletes and dreaming of finding romance while traveling over seas.

“I want you to finish what you started at the club. Strip for me,” he commanded in a guttural voice. Oh God. Sexy Marco was going to make me lose my mind. I wanted to feel him inside me more than anything.”







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