Just Released + Official Review! Double Exposition (Songs and Sonatas Book 1) by Jerica MacMillan

Double Exposition


A former boyband star gets a little musical education from a sexy violinist. Will they stay in
different keys or find a way to play in tune?
The first time I saw her I knew I wanted her. And when she talked music with me? I didn’t stand
a chance.
When she found out my secret past—that I used to be a famous pop star—I expected her to
fangirl all over me. Because even though it’s been years since people cared about us, a tone of
girls who grew up with our music still go nuts when they find out who I am.
Not Gabby. She was more interested in our future than my past.
I tried to stay away at first. She’s so young, eighteen to my twenty-two. Just starting out in
college while I’m getting ready to leave.
But I couldn’t leave her alone. Her passion, her drive, her intoxicating combination of innocence
and audacity. And that sexy little Texas twang. Damn. I was sunk from the start.
With her help, I started writing better songs than ever. And when a video of me playing a new
song landed on YouTube and went viral, my life exploded in a return to fame I never thought I
How can I pass up this chance now that it’s being offered to me again? But if I take it will Gabby
and I be able to survive?


I received this book and voluntarily left an honest review.

Having read all of the Players of Marycliff University series and falling madly in love with all the football player hotties and their heroines, I couldn’t wait to get back to Marycliff and experience a beginning to a new series starting with Lance’s little sister Gabby. It wasn’t long before Jerica had me falling equally as hard for these string stroking characters and their crescendo of passion for one another in Double Exposition! Jonathan and Gabby rocked all my emotions and left me craving so much to experience the rest!

Gabby is a budding musician that is in her first year at college, majoring in music as a violinist and needing to spend every spare moment on her one and only true love… music! What she doesn’t expect is to encounter the man who used to take up residence in poster form in her teenage bedroom and fall hopelessly for the man behind the voice and pretty face. Gabby kept me guessing what she was going to do next throughout her whole story. I loved her spunk, love for music, and her innocence that made such an intriguing combination that I couldn’t help but remain fascinated from beginning to end.

Jonathan is four years older than Gabby, in his senior year at Marycliff, and the musical heartthrob that she grew up listening to and fantasizing about as a teenager. After meeting the much younger Gabby and them making beautiful music together, in more than one way, now not only does he have a chance at love but also another chance at fame and a new music career. Jerica had me falling head over heels for this fictional hero with his boy-band past and his gorgeous matured looks and charm.

Jerica MacMillan delivers a heart touching and hot beginning to the Songs and Sonatas series that will leave you waiting impatiently for the rest of their sweet tune to play out. I highly recommend Double Exposition for a romance that has the perfect harmonious blend of emotions, sexiness, and heart to keep fans raving for more!

Double Exposition Teaser 1


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