Just Released + Official Review! Deception by Karen Raines & Brittany Crowley


Title: Deception
A Stalker Novel
Authors: Karen Raines & Brittany Crowley
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 30, 2018




I’m no stranger to the walk of shame. Relationships are messy and someone
always gets hurt. One night’s all they get from me.
Until him.
Now there’s an unknown enemy forcing me back into the scene of my fears. Before
long I’m questioning everything, including if I have what it takes to make a
relationship work…to be his blue.Cross
I’ve hidden from the ghosts of my past, and the last place I ever thought I
would be is here, back on this stage.

I’m the strength, the quiet calm to our crew. But when it comes to the woman I
love, I’ll leave the solitude and head back to the flames…

And if she gets caught in the crossfire, I’ll burn them all to the ground.


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review.

After reading Stakeout and experiencing two of my favorite authors teaming up together and giving us the beginning to a new steamy PI series, I was ecstatic to jump into Deception and see these bad ass characters solve another case and fall in love again. It wasn’t long and I was completely immersed in this teams “who dunnit” and ready to see the sexual tension explode between Sydney and Cross. Karen and Brittany had me so wrapped up in disguises, interrupted sexual encounters, surprising betrayals and so much action that my mind was in a constant tailspin and my heart was pounding from beginning to end!

Sydney is an indigo haired heroine that I couldn’t help but fall hard for. She is feisty, can take down a man twice her size, and doesn’t let fear stop her…anymore. I loved watching Cross wear down her rough edges and show her that they are meant for each other. Of course all while trying to protect those that they love and find the bad guy. The more I learned about this character’s past and the more I got to watch this witty woman in action, the closer I felt to her and wanted to know more and more about her.

Cross is the strong, silent, and broody type, which I am a complete sucker for. I couldn’t wait to peel back the layers of this hero and see what lies beneath this mystery that is Cross…and of course seeing the yumminess underneath the clothes didn’t hurt either. Cross squeezed my heart with all his might with every sexy move and gesture of love that he shows towards Sydney. I might be just a little addicted to this hero who checks all the right boxes on my fictional boyfriend list.

Brittany Crowley and Karen Raines takes us back into the arms of this PI crew and gives us another wild, heart stopping ride through love full of mystery and lots of steam! I highly recommend Deception for a romance that will leave you breathless and ready to experience it all over again! I cannot wait for more books by this dynamic duo that will bring us back to this suspenseful fictional world for more heat and heart among this group of friends.

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Karen Raines

A self-confessed reading addict, Karen is usually found
either writing or with her nose stuck in a book. Or Adulting because
apparently, she should do that too sometimes!
She’s a lover of wildly inappropriate humour, has an
addiction to swear words and bananas, lands her foot in her mouth daily… but
she wouldn’t have it any other way.
Karen can be summed up with 5 words:
Friendly, loyal, thankful, funny and above all… Smutty!
Brittany Crowley


Brittany Crowley was born and raised in Massachusetts. She still lives there today with her husband and 3 kids. Getting into the world of romance after she had her first child, she was hooked. Though she had many ideas in her head, Brittany was unsure if she had what it took to become a writer. A few encouraging words and one writing challenge later, she completed her first book. Now you can find her trying to keep up with her crazy kids and writing any chance she gets.



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