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What do you do when the girl you want can’t even remember your name? 
This pretty, long-legged, fiery girl who makes me weak in the knees. Of all the chicks who flirt with me, hang around me, I could have my pick, but no… I want psycho girl.
One day she ignores my existence, and the next she smiles and talks to me as if she knows me, as if she wants me.
What the hell is she playing at? She’s driving me up the wall.
I want her so badly I can’t think straight.
It’s the last thing I need, with these strange nightmares that plague my nights and make me wonder whether something happened in my past.
Something I can barely remember.
Memories of a bogeyman, and a body, and blood, and fear unlike any I’ve ever felt in my life.
Between the dreams and this sexy psycho girl, I might as well be losing my mind.
Unless I find out what’s going on, get the girl and lay the bogeyman to rest for good….

***This is a standalone, full-length romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger or cheating. ***
This is the story of Merc, brother to Gigi and Octavia whom you met in Caveman and Bad Wolf.



I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

I always know when I open one of Jo Raven’s books that I am sure to receive a tattooed and troubled young man who is struggling to breathe through emotional chaos and is about to find the love of his life while walking amongst his nightmares. What I didn’t expect was the amount of mystery that Jo Raven was going to deliver along with her signature steamy, heart pounding romance. Her characters Merc and Cosima kept me tangled in knots and wondering what was going to happen next while these two and their passions collide and keep us sweating.

Since meeting Merc in one of Jo Raven’s earlier stories, I couldn’t wait to get to know this blonde and gorgeous hero. While he came across as more of a jokester in her other books, we soon find out that there is a more serious and dark side to Merc that leaves readers breathless and wanting to know more. You know that saying “curiosity killed the cat” well Jo Raven was killing me slowly chapter by chapter and kept my interest piqued from page one until the last. I couldn’t help but fall helplessly for her “dream boy” and want to know everything about him. He fascinated me in every way. I have never wanted to delve deeper into a hero’s psyche so that I could cuddle him and make everything better.

Cosima is a young woman with lots of personality and flair that catches Merc’s attention and heart from the start. I couldn’t wait to get to know this heroine who puts everyone before herself and never fails to show kindness to others. She warmed my heart and carved a place there for herself page by page. If anyone can help save Merc from his demons, it is this bright eyed beauty and she shows us that at every turn.

Jo Raven delivers a suspense filled, emotional love story that will have you hanging on to every word until the very end! I highly recommend Dark Child for Jo Raven’s newest tortured hero and the young woman with a whole lot of heart that helps save him. I always open a book by Jo Raven and jump right in so that my heart can experience every upheaval of her amazing and beautifully inked characters. She keeps me addicted and happy with every page!

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