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(Hayley’s Spiral)

(Spiralling Ink #3)


Karen Raines

Contemporary Romance

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“You see, I’ve been watching you since I came back. I’ve seen the way you
move people around as if they were all chess pieces to your queen…” his
hand slid across my belly and wound its way to my hip.

“But you see, you may well be the queen…” his hand smoothed over my arse,
his fingers digging tightly into my flesh. “But I’m the king.”

He yanked my body into his and finally removed his thumb from my mouth.

“You want to control someone? Try me Red.”


What do you see?

An attitude. A bitch. A scar.

I didn’t get this far by being the sweet one. I’m the party, the organiser,
the fun… the control.


But inside I’m slowly unravelling. The darkness bleeds into my soul,
threatening to devour me.

I won’t go down without a fight. I’ll need courage, honesty.

I will need… Him.


My name is Hayley – and this is my spiral.



I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I was more than ready to start reading Hayley’s story in Control. While most other readers despised Hayley, I just knew beneath her scarred, sarcastic, and bitter facade was a woman who needed to heal from the tragedy that struck her group of friends in Loved, the first book in the Spiralling Ink series. It wasn’t long and I was laughing and crying along with the crew and hesitant to finish Hayley and Del’s story. They are everything that you could ask for in a fictional couple. They are snarky, humorous, oh so sexy, and full of heart! Karen had me falling head over heels even more for this group of souls trying to find themselves in the midst of the tragedy of losing their dear friend Matty.

I couldn’t help but rub my hands together with glee before opening Control and beginning to scratch the surface of the mysterious Hayley Spence who comes with plenty of sass along with her curves and sex appeal. Karen brings us deep into this character’s psyche to learn more than we ever could have guessed about this strong, bad ass female with many layers of vulnerability underneath for both readers and Del to discover on her bumpy, emotional journey. I truly think that Hayley is my favorite of the group, although her best friend Mark keeps me in stitches half the time, because she has so much depth and reminds me so much of myself in certain ways. She lets so very few in but when she does, you realize what a truly intelligent, caring, and vibrant young woman she is.

“I was damaged, a freak. If I didn’t pull away now, he would know exactly just how fucked up I had become.” 

Del Coxley had me intrigued from the moment he made his way back into town and verbally attacked Hayley and her friends in his drunken grief over losing his brother Matty. Never would I have guessed that such a strong alpha hottie like Del could ever love so deeply and let Hayley take the reins when necessary. Del has this sixth sense to what lies beneath Hayley’s saucy front and he has the patience and the love to give her everything that she needs. He is the perfect blend of macho and gentlemen to knock down Hayley’s walls and rev her engine over and over and over again. I could not get enough of these two together!

“Everything in me screamed to take over, to take charge and claim her body but she needed this and I would do whatever it took to prove I could be the one to satisfy her needs.” 

Karen Raines delivers a story that digs deep into a readers thoughts and emotions and has us never wanting to forget this amazing group of friends and everything that they experience together. I highly recommend Control for a romance that will have you laughing through your tears and burning the midnight oil to see what Hayley, Del, and the whole mischievous lot of characters are up to next. Karen Raines has shown an exceptional amount of talent and has me addicted and waiting very impatiently for more of her Spiralling Ink series or any other story that she decides to bless her readers with in the future.

“I wanted to straddle him…I wanted to ride his face. I wanted to watch him come apart as I rode him. It was official, he had ruined everything. Bastard.” 


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