Just Released + Official Review! Catching Sin (Las Vegas Sin #2) by J. Saman


Maddox must be willing to risk his life if he wants to save mine.

I was under the devil’s thumb with no end in sight.
A play thing. A toy. A treasure easily forgotten.
Until Maddox Sinclair stepped into my club and made me promises even my tattered heart couldn’t refuse.
Sexy, arrogant, strong and brave, he fears no one and fights for everyone.
I should know better than to trust him. Half the time we want to rip each other’s clothes off. The other half we’re at each other’s necks.
But my devil isn’t easily thwarted.
He started this game with a master plan–one that makes me his ultimate pawn.
Deals have been made. Lives are at stake.
And when he finally comes for me, there is no escape…


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

Since starting to read J. Saman’s books, I have noticed that when beginning a new story penned by her, I better be ready to buckle up because it is sure to be a bumpy, winding, mysterious jaunt into a new fictional world. Since meeting Maddox in Touching Sin, the first book in the Las Vegas Sin series, I have been intrigued by this seductive, protective hero and couldn’t wait to delve deeper into his psyche to see what would make him tick, or should I say who. It wasn’t long and J. Saman drug me heart first into this world that is full of uncontainable desire and more questions than answers. I love a story that feels like you are walking in the dark and can only see a few feet ahead of you until right before you fall off the cliff and J. Saman has mastered that technique tenfold. I enjoyed every suspenseful moment of Maddox and Isabel’s cat and mouse game and couldn’t wait to see their hearts and the sheets twisted together.

Maddox is a nut that I couldn’t wait to crack and see what was on the inside. J. Saman purposefully left all her readers wondering about all the sexiness and benevolence this guy exuded in Touching Sin and the curiosity had me beside myself when I began reading Catching Sin. Soon Maddox had my heart pounding and me wrapped around his finger and singing his praises. If I thought he was sexy in Touching Sin, nothing could have prepared me for the up close and personal Maddox that J. Saman shows her readers this time around. He had me melting in a puddle and ready for Isabel to give up the fight and be his…because I surely am!

Isabel kept my emotions awry from the moment she was introduced. She was like a chameleon. One minute she was a wounded bird, a rebellious spitfire, and a woman so filled with passion that she was blinding to every male around her. She is a heroine that can hold her own and will never let someone keep her down. She is fierce, protective over her family, and will stop at nothing to be her own woman. She had me falling at her feet right along side Maddox and I couldn’t help cheer her on no matter how much danger she placed herself in.

J. Saman delivers a spellbinding, suspenseful, heart pounding read that is sure to check all of boxes for a must read romance. I highly recommend Catching Sin for a love story that will keep you mentally on your toes, heated, and falling head over heels in love with J. Saman’s newest fictional couple full of passion and intrigue. From the moment I picked up my first read by Saman, I knew that she would become one of my all time favorites and that I would continue to salivate and pine over her heroes while worshiping the ground her head strong heroines walk on. She keeps me glued to my seat and engrossed from the moment the first sentence is read long into the night because there is no hope of putting her stories down once a reader begins.

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