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Brittany Crowley

Release Date:January 24, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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I was perfectly content with my life, or at least I thought I was. Then
Zander ‘The Hitman’ Cage walked into my bar with those hypnotizing blue
eyes and everything I ever thought I wanted flew out the window. Giving him
a chance was the easiest decision I ever made. He ripped apart my safe
little existence and took me along for the ride of my life. He was a
fighter, a hero and every woman’s fantasy.


I didn’t need any distractions coming up on the biggest fight of my career,
but fate had other plans. Savannah was a breath of fresh air and the most
beautiful woman I had ever seen. I never planned on meeting her, I also
don’t plan on letting her go. I’ll do whatever it takes to show her that
I’m more than just the name, and will stop at nothing to make her mine.



I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

I absolutely loved diving into a debut book by a new author. You never know what new treasures you will unearth and if you will discover a another author to add to your favorites. Brittany introduces herself to us with a story of a hotter than hell, dirty talking fighter and his sassy heroine that is his opponent both in the bed and in all matters of the heart. I absolutely adored every minute of Savvy and Zander’s song and dance with one another.

Zander “The Hitman” Cage has been more than successful in the MMA world which has left him with enough money to fulfill his dream of running an MMA gym and plenty of groupies to pick from. But Zander was looking for more than a quick tumble after a winning a fight, he was looking for someone to be in his corner no matter what. Once Savannah comes crashing into his life, he knows immediately that she is the one and he will do whatever he can to fight for her. Who wouldn’t love this knight all wrapped in sweaty muscles? He tugged on my heart strings one minute with his sweet words and had my libido in overdrive this next minute with his filthy mouth and sexy moves. Savvy didn’t stand a chance against all that Cage charm! I can’t wait to get up close and personal with his brothers in Brittany’s future books.

“Savannah Marie Jenks, ever since I saw you stalking me from the sidewalk, I knew you were it for me. Every day we’ve been together has me falling more and more in love with you. I love you so much Savvy.”

Savannah Jenks is a headstrong female who is living life slinging drinks at a bar she owns with her best friend and enjoying every minute. That is until the cocky guy with the delicious muscles and an ego to match comes waltzing into her bar. She soon finds herself happier than she has ever been if only someone wasn’t around to shatter it. Savvy is a tomboy after my own heart. I love a heroine with lots of sass and who is just as sexy in her boots, jeans, and jersey on game day as she is in high heels. I fell so hard for Savvy, her eccentric father and all of his quirky antics, not to mention her even mouthier best friend Ashlyn who drew me in with her vivacious personality. I can’t wait for another dose of this hilarious trio that kept me in stitches the whole way through Savvy and Zander’s story.

“I want to stay here with Zander without a care in the world. In here there is no fight, no work and no celebrity life to deal with. Just the two of us wrapped up in each other, sharing this special moment that has solidified our relationship.”

Brittany Crowley delivers a scorching debut that is sure to sear a reader’s heart and imagination. I cannot wait to step back inside the cage in this fictional world and experience more of these laughter inducing, get down and dirty characters that I have grown to love in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend Caged for a sweaty, pulse pounding read that will have you dreaming long into the night about feisty bar owners and smokin’ hot fighters.

“No, this is going to be nice and slow. I’m going to fuck you so good you’ll be screaming out my name so loud our neighbors will hear.”



Brittany Crowley grew up in Massachusetts and still lives there today. She
is a stay at home mom to her three little ones and loves every second of
it. Getting into the world of romance after she had her first child, she
was hooked. Never thinking she had what it takes to write, she had many
ideas in her head but never put them on paper. Now you can find her trying
to keep up with her crazy kids and writing any chance she gets.










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