Just Released! Everywhere Unraveled by Fiona Keane

Title: Everywhere Unraveled
Series: Foundlings #2
Author: Fiona Keane
Genre: YA Romance
Release Date: January 9, 2018
Publisher: Limitless Publishing


They told me I had to leave her.
They were right.
It doesn’t matter that she’s the first thing I think about every morning, and my last thought before I sleep.
It doesn’t matter that the moment my heart started beating was when I laid it at her feet.
As long as she’s around me, she’s in danger. I have to keep her away, keep her safe, before this storm overtakes us.
The truth is something she cannot know, should never know. Even if that means I’ll never see her again.

Fueled by coffee and rainy days, shelves of books consuming her home in the Pacific Northwest, and a vivid imagination, Fiona writes about love because she believes the world needs more of it. She could spend eternity lost in a story, taken into someone’s thoughts while she is left lingering there long after the pages have turned. Fiona works to meld themes in the current world and spin them into stories of longing, determination, and hope. Her characters are relatable and relevant, as they battle their own fictional version of existence.



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