Just Released and Official Review! Play Maker by Katie McCoy

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I have never read anything by Katie McCoy but I have salivated over thoughts of reading her book Game On for sometime now. So when I saw the chance to read Play Maker, both a chair and the book were calling my name. Who would turn down a chance to enjoy some steamy time with a hot British soccer…ahem, I mean football player! James and Nicole know how to heat up the sheets and win over hearts in their steamy tale that gives us hot action both on and off the field, plus posh hotel suites, and let us not forget…room service waffles.

James Martin has been dubbed the Play Maker for the sexy actions he takes in his personal life. He is the notorious one night stand king who is often pictured in tabloids across America and has no qualms about telling women that one time is all they get. What happens when he meets the queen of one night stands and he wants more? James is tongue wagging hot with his drool worthy accent and body to match. Once you get to see the generous man on the inside…. his muscles and accent doesn’t even compare. I fell hard for this British athlete and his heart of gold.

“I love the way you taste,” I told her, my mouth hot against her ear. “Tell me more,” she moaned. My grin grew. It was the accent. Ladies loved it when I talked dirty with the accent.”

Nicole Grant has only a few things that she loves: her job as a bar tender, her friend Maya, her brother Mikey, and her slut handbook. She follows the rules in that handbook to the letter and never ever wakes up in a man’s arms. Men just don’t fit into her life. But what if she meets the one player that makes her want to break all of those rules? There is so much to love about this feisty blonde who has so much responsibility on her shoulders and is so much fun! From her peppermint gum obsession, to her endless patience with her brother, to her quirky rules you can’t help but form an adoration to Nicole. Her exuberance is infectious and you find yourself drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

“James winked. ‘I promise I’ll be gentle.’ But I didn’t want him to be gentle. Oh no. I wanted him hard not rough, up against the wall, my hands pinned over my head, my ankles around his waist.”

Katie McCoy gives us a playful, steam up your glasses romance that is sure to touch your heart. James and Nicole’s story is about finding that special someone even if you are not looking as well as always paying it forward. It is not often you come across a romance this funny, hot, and moving. I highly recommend for an unforgettable couple with huge hearts and scorching moves in the bedroom!

“I’m going to touch every inch of you. First with my hands,” I slid my fingers downward, finding the lacy line of her thong. “And then with my tongue.”


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