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dollar-shave-club-membershipWe stumbled upon something that completely changed the way we purchase our razors about a year ago and we have never been happier. With six people in the house that have to shave, buying the more expensive razors that are better for sensitive skin can become a rather daunting and expensive task. We wanted to find a razor that would work for everyone in the household, regardless of gender. Who really needs a pink razor with a daisy on it? This household doesn’t.

So when we heard about the Dollar Shave Club, we decided since it was inexpensive that it would be worth a try. We then went to the website and chose the 4 blade razor with 4 blade refills that cost $6 and are shipped once a month. Each couple in the household purchased one shipment per month and we still have enough blades to also provide for our two teenage daughters. We have been members for over a year now and we are so impressed that we purchased a three month membership for a family member for Christmas.

Not only are the razors high quality and affordable, they also have great customer service. Before our order is shipped, we always receive a email offering samples of shaving supplies such as shave butter along with the offer to add anything else to our order like more blades, new handle or full size product. Another great perk is being able to cancel our standing order at any time or changing the frequency of shipments to better suit our family’s needs.

To get started on your own order today, the first step is to visit the Dollar Shave Club website and choose which razor will best suit your family’s needs, the quantity of razor blades that you would like to receive along with any of their other products that you would like shipped to your door. When your box arrives it will include a razor handle, the blades and any other products that were ordered. Convenience, affordability, and quality, that is what I am talking about.



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