It is better to be sore than be sorry

have to start to be greatI felt a need to write about something today that is very near and dear to my heart and changed my life forever.  A little over thirteen years ago I was married, had one child and we wanted to conceive another. Unfortunately when a woman is overweight it is not as easy as it seems.

So when I saw an advertisement for Leslie Sansone’s “Walk away the pounds” set then I made the decision to start there. How hard can walking be right? I was so excited and could not wait to get started. When it arrived in the mail along with the VCR tape, there were a pair of weights to use in correlation with the exercise. I had to start out slow at first only walking one mile at a time without using the weights. Eventually I was able to walk all three miles with them. I soon became pregnant and I kept on walking all the way through my pregnancy. 

Shortly after giving birth I decided that along with exercise I needed to include a healthier diet. I was very dedicated and exercised every day no matter what. I would put my youngest in her baby swing and my oldest would exercise along with me. It took me ten months but I finally lost seventy pounds. I then felt brave enough to join a gym and I absolutely loved taking exercise classes. I did that for many years but just recently our family decided it would be more convenient and economical to purchase more Leslie Sansone DVDs. So now everyday of the week all of the adults in the house rise early, select one of the workouts, and get moving. Sometimes it is just a two mile walk and jog when we are pressed for time. Other mornings we complete a three mile with hand weights or even a five mile with a toning band. We have accumulated quite a collection and we are seeing more results everyday. Leslie Sansone has been among the fitness world for more than twenty five years. She has a wide variety of workouts and has helped thousand of people become a healthier version of themselves. I personally am grateful everyday that I decided years ago to begin with one of her workouts. Listed below are just a few of the workouts that we have tried and love.
Regret it when I don't


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