“I thought this was a party” (House Party)


I decided to share with everyone some experiences that our family has had with “House Party”. House Party is a company that brings product manufacturers together with consumers to help introduce new products inside the comfort of someone’s home. We have personally hosted several parties and have attended a neighbors house party as well. It is a great way to receive swag, free products, and coupons for you and your friends. We hosted a BreakStone Sourcream party and we were so excited when we received our box of goodies in the mail. In our party pack was a apron and coupons for free sour cream to make recipes for all of our guests. After our friends arrived and sampled all of our fantastic recipes, they were able to take home a recipe book, cutting board, and coupons to purchase and make these recipes for their family. They were able to attend, hang out with friends and family and take home some loot without purchasing anything. We also were selected to host a Soda Stream party as well. When our package arrived we were given a Soda Stream, two one liter bottles, two 12 variety sampler of different beverages, and two full size syrup bottles to make for our guests along with cups and football party favors to send home.

To become a House Party host, the first step is to visit the House Party website and join for free. Then check out all the different product parties that are available and apply. Once you are selected and have your party pack, let the fun begin!

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