How To Get The Most Out of My Coke Rewards (Part 2 of 2)

coke cansThey say “making the most out of life”  is what we should do, and in our family that is what we do. Whether it is a vehicle repair, a sick family member, or any other type of crisis. We do the same when it comes to any type of reward that we earn as well. When we started collecting our Coke Rewards we wanted to use all of the benefits to our advantage. We noticed that often once we would enter the codes, they would expire within a certain time period if they were not redeemed. Then not soon after we would redeem them a more appealing prize would come along. There were also many times we would miss out on benefits of getting double points for certain type of sodas being entered during a certain time period. So we came up with some solutions to help us redeem our points and use our rewards in a more beneficial way to family.


One of the ways we like to organize our codes is to input them into a spreadsheet using the date, what type of beverage, and how it was packaged. The reason why we organize them in this manner is because often times we will save our points until we receive emails telling us that a certain type of coke beverage depending on how it is packaged when entered will give double points. So for instance if Sprite bottle caps or Cherry Coke Zero twelve packs give double points then those are the points that we enter for those days. Now keep in mind, you can only redeem so many codes per week (about 120 points worth) as to allow everyone the chance to redeem for the most lucrative rewards.


Now to tell you the truth the only prizes that we have redeemed so far are coupons to use towards more Coke products. There are a lot of other rewards that people are often interested in such as gift cards, tv shows and movie downloads, and sweepstakes to win vacations and such. Like I said a coupon is our first choice. We always try to keep a certain amount of points in our Coke rewards account so that we can take advantage of promotions for example they often have the 12 days of Christmas will they have a different offer for 12 days that cost very little in the way of points. Sometimes a coupon for $3 off a 12 pack or even a FREE 12 pack can be had for 30 points when normally the point value is much higher.

Coupon Redemption

I know what you are thinking, there can’t possibly be another way to make your codes work for you. The way we make our coupons work for us is we do not rush out and use them as soon as we receive them. We do our best to wait for a sale that helps us get more product for less money or even for free. We have often saved free Powerade coupons to combine with a Buy One Get One sale at Publix (our grocery store). So if we have two coupons, we can purchase 4 Powerades and only pay tax. We like so save our 12 pack coupons until we can use them at Publix during a buy two get one free sale or at CVS when they are running a promotion if you buy a certain amount in Coke products you receive so much back in Extra Care Bucks. We really do make the most of the reward programs we’re a part of. If you’re interested to discover more about couponing, click here.




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