You can try, but I’m… (Hard To Break by Bella Jewel)

I really enjoy trying new books from authors I’ve never read before. This time I tried Hard to BreakHard to BreakHard to Break by Bella Jewel
Quinn has spent her whole life working in her dad’s garage, leaving her more comfortable with a carburetor than a curling iron. Her world is tu
ed upside down when her beloved garage is bought by none other than world famous, sexy as sin, custom car builder, Tazen Watts. He’s the one man she can’t stand…even though he makes her hotter than a high performance engine in top gear. Tazen has no use for Quinn, at least not professionally, and he’s making sure she knows it. But there’s...
Alpha Hearts Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2015-10-13
Kindle Price: 3.99
from Bella Jewel. What piqued my interest was the description of the female lead character Quinn. I am not much into female characters who are mousy or to girly, I am a tomboy at heart so Quinn immediately appealed to me. After reading this story, I now have a girl crush on Quinn! She is such a strong female in every way. From the moment Tazen and Quinn meet the sexual tension heats up so fast that could singe the air! They are a rockin’ couple, in both heat and heart. The further I read the more I loved every minute of them. Whether they are fighting, fixing up cars, racing, or lost in a moment of passion, the characters in this novel are entertaining to say the least. They bring a whole new meaning to fast and furious. They had me wanting to strap on a helmet and put the pedal to the medal, figuratively speaking anyways.

“Well,” he says, his voice a low, thick husk, “you going to help me angel, or are you going to stand there and give yourself wet panties checking me out.”

When we are introduced to Quinn, she is motherless and parenting her alcoholic father while simultaneously running her father’s garage. At the age of twenty five and being a gifted mechanic, managing Pixie Wheels is exactly where she wants to be. She employs several mechanics that are just like family and she plans on keeping her dad’s sinking business alive. Without warning Tazen, who is a car building celebrity, enters her life with his arrogance and melt in your mouth good looks, to commandeer her garage. Saucy Quinn is determined to fight him with all that she has even though her body betrays her at every turn. Tazen goes into this with the mind of a business man, but the beautiful headstrong Quinn has him fired up in more ways than one. At first he comes across as a pompous, arrogant, but oh so sexy alpha, it doesn’t take long to figure out there is a big heart and a soft side to Tazen. Eventually I was won over and became completely infatuated with him and ready for him to take me for a spin.

“Don’t you have better things to do, being a world-famous ass.. I mean custom car builder?” His grin gets so big those dimples pop out. God, he’s so beautiful it burns my eyes. Jerk. No one should be that…pretty.”

This book kept me riveted between the action packed story line, the outrageous pranks and fights, and the touching moments between the characters. I became a fan of Bella Jewel’s Hard To Break and I look forward to reading Hard To FightHard To FightHard To Fight by Bella Jewel
Grace is a bounty hunter who wants to be taken seriously, but her boss refuses to believe that a woman can bring down a dangerous criminal. She finally gets a chance to prove herself when she's given the case of a lifetime: capture Raide Knox and bring him to justice. Raide is a dangerous fugitive on the run...and the sexiest man Grace has ever met. Catching Raide won't be easy. He's not the kind of man to go down without a fight. Raide is more intense and frustrating than any man she's ever ...
Alpha Hearts Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2015-08-11
Kindle Price: 3.99
and Hard To ForgetHard To ForgetHard To Forget by Bella Jewel
Delaney is a professional bodyguard who’s spent years trying to prove herself in a male dominated industry. Now she’s facing her greatest challenge yet. Bad boy billionaire Jax Shields has made plenty of enemies on his climb to the top, and now his life is at risk. When he hires a bodyguard, he never expected to put his life in the hands of a petite woman with a big attitude. Jax demands the best in everything, and he doesn’t think Delaney has what it takes to protect him. He’d rather ...
Alpha Hearts Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2015-12-15
Kindle Price: 3.99
(See Review) when it is released. I highly recommend if you are looking for a romance that contains laughter, sexual chemistry, and a love that can make two strong people even more resilient. My advice is to take a little time to take Hard To Break on a test drive and meet Quinn and Tazen and maybe you to will fall in love with this fiery couple.

“I’m not most women, I’m not even close. And believe me when I say,” I lean in so our lips are nearly touching, “I’m not interested in knowing what you have to give.”

“We’ll see about that, angel,” he yells to my back.


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