Give me… (Something For The Pain by Victoria Ashley)

From the moment I read the description of Something For The PainSomething For The PainSomething For The Pain by Victoria Ashley
Tempting, inked and highly addictive. Alex is all that and more… I’ve made a lot of mistakes – ones I’m not proud of, and definitely ones that have left their marks both mentally and physically. Things got lonely; I got lost in my own fucked up mind and in the end it left me fucked out of my mind and unable to fight – or at least win. That life’s over for me and I’ve moved on. Six months into tattooing at Blue’s and already I’m the most wanted and sought out tattooist. My bi...
Get Off on The Pain Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2015-09-24
Kindle Price: 2.99
, I just knew that I had to know Alex and Tripp’s story. I am a sucker for best friend love stories and I am a big fan of Victoria Ashley, and I knew that she would take this story to an erotic level all her own. This book will melt your heart along with certain unmentionables. Victoria knows how to deliver hot as hell reading along with sincere and all consuming love. Nothing speaks to my heart like love and passion created over time.

“Lucas doesn’t exist right now, babe. This was his idea, remember,” I whisper against her lips. “It’s Alex and Tripp…”

Alex is one hot, tattoo artist with his chiseled good looks, and his ability to leave a mark on a women’s heart as well as her body. After all the women he has been with over the years, the only body that he would really like to know intimately is his sexy, down to earth, commitment shy, best friend Tripp. She has been the owner of his heart for quite some time, and he has been in denial and is scared to approach her about his feelings. As time goes on it is harder for him to fight his feelings for her and witness her “open” relationship with Lucas. He hurts inside because he knows he could treat her better both emotionally and sexually.

“Yeah, well if I were your man… You better believe I would be the only one pleasuring you. I protect and take care of what is mine, and you wouldn’t need other men to please you.”

Tripp Daniels(aka Firecracker) has had Alex’s attention for a while and the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately she has been in an open yet somewhat committed relationship with Lucas, but now they are all three going to be “roomies”. Alex knows that his and Tripp’s relationship is headed for a disaster accompanied by a lot of cold showers, that is until Lucas makes a proposition that he cannot refuse. Tripp has been avoiding commitment with Lucas for quite a while, when Lucas ask her to move in she knows she cannot do it without her devastatingly handsome bestie by her side. If only she could open her heart to Lucas and calm her sexual attraction towards Alex.

I don’t know if he has figured it out over the years, but his words and teasing leave me extremely hot and bothered. I try my best to hide it, because I know he’s only joking, but the fact that it sometimes makes it hard to breathe.

I highly recommend for an arousing, heart fluttering, and entertaining read. Alex and Tripp will give you something for the pain and so much more. If you are a lover of friendship that turns to so much more and intense sexual attraction than this is the book for you. After reading Something For The Pain, I will be reading Get Off On The Pain, the first in the series and read about Alex’s brother Memphis and his leading lady Lyric. Victoria Ashley is an author who writes the perfect combination of steamy erotic and swooning romance to keep a reader coming back for more.

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