Get Lucky with Five Hot Guys this St. Patrick’s Day!

I was brainstorming ideas for a “five” post (Five Sexy Strangers… , Five good girls gone bad…) when my daughter Devon jumped in and said “Why don’t you write about 5 guys who got lucky and post on St. Patricks Day. I almost didn’t do it, but my daughter reminded me of this and insisted that I post today!

These are players that I have fell in love with that were constantly “getting lucky” before they found “the one”. You know who I am talking about…the heroes that you wanted to hate because they were total man whores before they fell so hard for their lady loves. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different ink and piercings and from all walks of life. The men that make you want to roll your eyes in disgust at their ego, slap them for their outrageous comments, then you later want to wrap in your arms and legs and shower with affection. They have the readers doing a complete 180 and falling madly in love right along with the heroine by the last page. It takes a talented author to create such an amazing character that evokes so many different emotions in a reader and resides in their hearts forever so without further ado here are some of the lucky characters that I have recently evolved love/hate feelings for.

Melancholy by Bella Jewel

Maddox is intense with his piercing eyes, leather cut, tattoos and general broodiness. He has quite a bark but doesn’t bite..unless you want him to or you mess with his club or his beloved Santana. He has a huge heart and took Santana in and protected her and cherished her from afar albeit in a hilarious gruff guard dog way. He is willing to do and sacrifice anything for his MC family and that fact alone made me fall for this filthy mouthed, sexy, Prez. Every time he would touch his forehead to Santana’s and call’s her his “Tana” I melted. A big burly biker that is gentle and caring yet still able to rock his woman’s world and defend his MC makes an irresistible alpha male.

Uncovering Hope by Kacey Shae

From the moment that Derek was introduced to Carly in Uncovering Desire, I couldn’t wait to get to know this delectable rock god. As much as I wanted to dislike him in all of his talk about his sexual prowess and pierced body parts but once you delve deeper and see his compassionate heart you can’t help but love him. This video playing, costume wearing, song writing hottie crawled inside my heart and took up residence. I love that he took his time and got to know Carly or “mama” as he affectionately called her and woo her before he seduced her with his mind blowing body.

Wicked Lust by Sawyer Bennett

Cain Bonham is well known for his penchant for kink and his abilities as a maker of fantasies. He is sexy in that dangerous foreboding kind of way and gives both his security job and his sexual activities the same intensity. He keeps the women weak in their knees and vying for his attention. When a sweet and innocent hot blonde catches his attention, he plans on pursuing her after hours. Cain has that raw, edgy, sexiness that makes a girl quiver in all the right places and boy does he introduce Sloane to array of new sexual pleasures. He is the type of hero that makes sure his woman is cherished and kept satisfied.

Grind by Joanna Blake

Chandler is a sexy, oiled stripper that doesn’t get attached to anyone and is only loyal to the his stage buddies. Until he encounters the pure, beautiful Caroline from back home that had gotten away. All he can think about is ways to corrupt her, make her dirty, and getting her away from her criminal betrothed. Chandler aka Candy has his mind set to protect and make her his at all costs. Caroline has always done everything to be the “good girl”, that is until she sees Chandler’s hips gyrating and then she feels like breaking the rules. Chandler is sweet enough to raise your blood sugar and hot enough to melt your body.

Heat by Joanna Blake

Out of the three bites of deliciousness in the Man Candy Trilogy, I have to say that Trent and Lexi are by far my favorite. Who can resist a man who knows his way around a bedroom and watching him seduce miss prim and proper. Trent and sexy Lexi are explosive, experimental, and hot, hot, hot! I fell hard for Trent when he would wear his heart on his sleeve and show his scathing views on his own self worth. What could be sexier than a man who takes in stray dogs and will do anything for his woman. His love for Lexi knows no bounds and I loved experiencing them falling in love and their off the chart sexy scenes.

I am sure you also have a list of fictional “players” that you have fallen for since opening your first romance. These are just a few from the long list that have taken possession of my heart and I am sure many more will do so in the future. So take the time to check out some of my favorite smooth talking alphas this St. Patricks day and I will guarantee that your other half will get lucky very soon:)


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