Let the Games Begin (Game Series)

Game SeriesIt isn’t often that you find a romance series that has a happily ever while showing real pain. The characters deal with some very heavy issues such as death, abuse, depression, and grief that affect both their present and future. This series is centered around college students from Berkeley and delves deeply into their tragic past and shows how they deal with their demons while finding love. I think what Emma Hart is trying to tell us is that we all have a past and it is what makes us who we are today but we do not have to let it define us. I love reading anything to do with college romance and I love reading a series where you get to revisit characters that were introduced in the first story.

Emma Hart - The Love Game The Love Game

I know its game over – but not in the way I thought”

Braden, a player, and Maddie, a straight laced college student, are facing off against each other in a game of love. The only problem is they are playing different games with different rules and hidden agendas. Will the stakes be to high?

Emma Hart - Playing for Keeps Playing For Keeps

I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn’t love myself”

Braden has declared Megan, his childhood friend, off limits to the whole fraternity. She has a mutual attraction to Braden’s jaded frat brother Aston. Can they have a relationship without hurting their friends? Will she be able to help Aston recover from his tragic past?

Emma Hart - The Right Moves The Right Moves

I’m not trying to save you because I couldn’t save her. I’m trying to save you because I don’t think I could cope if I lost you”

Abbie, Maddie’s childhood best friend, has suffered through heartache and depression and considers dance her saving grace. Blake has ran from London to New York to pursue his dream of dancing at Jilliard and escape family heartbreak. Can they help to heal each others wounds or will it end in more heartbreak?

Emma Hart - Worth the Risk Worth The Risk

I shake my head. “Don’t. Don’t give me your sympathy, Kyle. Its six months too late.”

Kyle, Braden and Aston’s frat brother, has decided to go home for the summer and deal with the fallout from not returning home when his best friend Cam died. Roxy, Cam’s kid sister, who has always had unrequited feelings for Kyle is left angry, reckless and rebellious because her grief. Can Kyle still keep his promise to Cam and take care of Roxy or will his feelings towards her leave him feeling guilty?

Even though each book of The Game series can be read as a stand alone novel, I recommend reading all four books. Emma Hart did a beautiful job of writing a very unique and inspiring story for each couple.  Of course I have already chosen the next series that I intend to read by this author which is called By His Game. I cannot wait to get started. Happy Reading!


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