Five Sexy Strangers That Are Sure To Be More Than A One Night Stand

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I am a conservative, traditional woman that believes in becoming friends, falling in love slowly and happily ever afters. In the fiction world, I let my inhibitions run wild and my heart pound furiously for couples that fall hard and fast as well as ones that have known each other forever.So feel free to let your imagination run away with me into the literary realm of chance meetings, rendezvous, and rescues. These are just a sampling of some of the mysterious, handsome, brooding men who have filled the pages of some of my favorite books. Let me take a moment to introduce them and you might find that they occupy your mind as well.

Ten Ways to Meet YouTEN WAYS TO MEET YOU

If you are looking for a short, stimulating read that will capture your attention and help you escape from reality, this is the book for you. This is a story of a very imaginative woman sitting in a quiet coffee shop pondering sexual fantasies about a magnetic, strikingly attractive patron that occupies her thoughts and her libido. Come join her in an afternoon of delectable sweets, hot coffee and an even hotter man while she dreams up scenarios and different situations of which he is the star.`Who knows where you might meet the guy who fuels your fantasies. It could be the gym, grocery store, or the side of the road. This humorous, adventurous tale of escape into one woman’s mind is sure to have you fanning yourself and ordering more than just coffee and a muffin next time you venture into a cafe. This is a coffee break that you do not want to miss.

“I won’t deny that he whispers through my daydreams, this man whom I’ve not even met.”


If you are looking for a trip to a college campus and to be rescued at a seedy biker bar then Emerson and Shaw’s story should be at the top of your list. There is nothing hotter than a bad boy with a streak of protectiveness that makes you want to crawl on more than just the back of his bike. Sophie Jordan creates a hot ex-military, ambitious biker guy that is sure to make you want to venture back to college and choose a different major and take a walk on the wild side. Shaw is irresistible and can see through all of Emerson’s defenses to the vulnerable woman underneath. Come escape with Shaw and you will have a whole different view on higher learning, just make sure you don’t forget your riding gear.

“You love me. I know you do. I know it because I can see it in your eyes…In the way you look at me” He inhaled “It’s the same way I look at you”


This short story takes you on a ride to a world where longer work days get you more than just a little money in your pocket and being in the good graces of the boss. This book had a way of making me want to take up life in the big city and volunteer for overtime from the book. This story is about having fantasies and taking the daring steps to make them come true. You never know what decisions will bring you many unexpected delights while restrained in a hotel room. So come and take a sensual excursion, just make sure to  wear your sexiest outfit because you never know who you will encounter or where the train will take you.

But six months ago, I began looking forward to my Tuesdays. Six months ago was the first night he got on the train, one station past mine.


There is nothing like a love affair between a feisty feminist and a chauvinistic southern boy to keep you in your seat and your eyes glued to the page. Come visit Texas and meet the Tyler family, laugh at their inappropriate humor, envy their love for one another, have a few drinks and maybe see a bar fight or two. Experience some of Sandra Brown’s earlier work, and know that there will never be a dull moment. You too will fall in love with the smooth talking, chivalrous cowboy, and fastest zipper in Texas.  Check it out more about Lucky and Devonhere.

You all right?”

She flung her head up and glared at him with vivid green eyes. Lucky, expecting tears, admiration, and gushing gratitude, was startled to see naked enmity on her face.

“Thanks a lot,” she said sarcastically. “You were a big help.”


Well, all I can say about Anthony is what a hottie, rockstar that so needs Max to save him from himself. The only problem is she believes that she doesn’t need him! The more she runs, the more explosive they are when they are together. It starts in a bar and ends in a love that can conquer anything necessary! If you are into musicians and want equal parts steam and romance then Anthony is your man!

“I’ll be your dirty secret. As long as I get to touch you, kiss your lips, and see where the sparks lead us, I’ll do anything. Just don’t shut me out.


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