Five Sexy Stepbrothers You Can’t Resist

Those of you who know me, should not be surprised to see anything about stepbrothers. Something about the slight taboo aspect appeals to me. The denial, restraint, and uncontrollable desire make me weak in the knees. What can I say, that heat radiates off of the forbidden couple causes me to melt heart and body. Since I have read so many recently I decided to give you five all at once. So don’t get to excited, take it slow. This is a reading marathon not a sprint.

Threat by Elena Ash

Grab this hot stepbrother unless you consider him a “Threat”

David Banducci also known as Threat is a man who has been in trouble most of his life. This is not a surprise with an absentee father and stripper mother hooking up with anyone and everyone. So when he finds out that his mother has a new rich hubby, he is less than thrilled. After making an unscrupulous bet with his father, in order to become owner of the ink shop, he plans on spending the summer with his new family and wearing down Leah’s defenses. Leah has been dealing with Threat bullying her for most of her school years. She is bitter and resentful and does not wish for him to a part of her family, nor does she believe he has changed. When these two embark on a road trip and there is an on going game of truth or dare, sparks fly and ignite. There is no denying their sexual attraction and complex feelings for one another.

Step-Lover by Bella Jewel

A smokin’ hot couple and an unforgettable family!

Blade is devastatingly handsome with his cut body and his direct and sexy talk. He also is commitment shy and has a moral code. Aria has him running scared from the first touch until he can’t resist anymore since there is no place to run. He is protective and stern in that sexy way. His nickname for her is so cute and endearing. Aria aka “tulip” is everything a heroine should be, strong, loving, passionate and beautiful. She truly cares about others starting with her mother and her best friend Mel and she quickly becomes attached to her step brothers. She is always ready to stand up for those that she loves even if that means putting herself in danger. Together they make such a dynamic, striking duo and it is hard to resist falling in love with them.

Step-Lover by Bella Jewel

Hurricane by Arabella Abbing

A “stormy” taboo relationship that you don’t want to miss!

From the moment Sabrina lays eyes on her her angry, mysterious, gorgeous, much older, step brother, at their parents wedding, she is drawn to him. Unfortunately after that fateful day when she was thirteen, she has never seen him again but has always wondered about him. When his father passes away and she finds herself face to face with him, she is waiting out a hurricane at home alone. Little did she know that she was going to encounter two forces of nature at once. Nolan blows back into town with unresolved feelings towards his father and immediately is captivated by the insecure, sexy, intelligent, Sabrina. As the storm rages on so does their sexual desires and let me tell you it was pure heat from the first touch to the last.

Badass: A Stepbrother Seal Romance by Linda Barlow and Alana Albertson

Bad Ass stepbrother teaser

If a military man is what you are after, Shane is your guy!

I love to read stepbrother romances because of the forbidden, it just excites me. Unfortunately there is not always a good story line. That was not the case with this book. The plot was very original and suspenseful and reading about a Navy Seal was off the charts sexy. Cassie and Shane smoldered from the very first scene and kept me enthralled to the very end. There was a good blend of sexual tension and excitement along with sweet and compassionate. I look forward to reading more of Linda Barlow’s books in the future.

Rock Me: Naughty (Rock Me #2) by Arabella Quinn

A stepbrother and rock star is just too much sexiness to resist!

Allie has been inexplicably drawn to her stepbrother Nick for years. When opportunity rises for her to hang out with his band and turn in her V card, Allie is up for the challenge. Nick is assaulted by his feelings for Allie and is not sure what he should do about it. He knows that the way his body reacts goes way beyond brotherly love. I absolutely loved the explosiveness between Nick and Allie and couldn’t wait to Nick accept Allie as more than his step sister. It was very well written and I loved it just as much as I loved Wicked, the first book in the Rock Me series. Arabella Quinn knows how to create just the right amount of heat and drama in this series that will rock your world!

Haven’t read a stepbrother romance before? No worries, there is no time like the present to start a collection of  these steamy taboo couples. Who knows when you might find a sexy stepbrother that will become your next favorite book boyfriend. In the fictional world you can never have to many favorite boyfriends…just don’t forget to share your new found love with others.


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