Five Reformed Bad Boys That Will Steal Your Heart

I just love the new year… don’t you? It brings about so many possibilities for becoming a better person and a new you! I thought it would be fun to introduce my readers to five books with bad boys that fall in love and turn out to be a decent guy under that rough persona, tattooed, and pierced sexiness. So if you are looking for some hot, melt in your mouth male characters to snuggle up to this weekend, I have just the books for you. So get settled in your pajamas, maybe some fuzzy socks, and your hot drink of choice and get ready for a roller coaster of emotions on this literary journey!

Somebody to Love by Blair Babylon

I just recently read this book and Tryp is so hot, but underneath all that sinew and ink lays a heart of gold that you just can’t resist. Apparently Elfie, the bands pyrotechnician, couldn’t resist a piece of this rockstar!

Tryflon Areleous (aka Tryp) is more than just a dirty rocker hell bent on drugs and woman. He just used the trappings that make up a great part of the rocker lifestyle as a way to escape. Once he encounters the dainty, long blonde hair, corn flower blue eyed pyromaniac, everything starts to fade in comparison. Now he just wants to confront his past and be the man that is worthy of her. Blair Babylon shows us that underneath that rock star facade of tattoos, piercings and muscles there is a man who will face untold danger to help those that he cares for and loves. She gives us a hero that is more than worthy of Elfie’s love

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Wild by Sophie Jordan

For those of you who don’t know me, I have loved reading all of my life but after having children and responsibilities of adulthood I stopped reading. Two years ago, I was sick and couldn’t sleep so I picked up Hunger Games and started reading again but was only reading Young Adult. That is until I found a love for Sophie Jordan’s books and fell in love with the Ivy Chronicles and I can truly say that I went “wild” for the New Adult Romance genre after reading this series.

Logan is known to get around, and get around he does! All the girls at the local college vie for just one night with the notorious ladies man. Georgia is a college student that has recently been dumped by her long time boyfriend for being too boring. When Georgia is given an invite for the “kink” club, her world is changed forever when she sees her best friend’s fiancee’s little brother and begins wonder what it would be like to go a little wild and have a night with him.

Logan Mulvaney will rock your world and show you that a slightly younger man with a kinky past is just what you need to kick off the new year. Logan seduced me from the beginning and I still love to visit him every once in a while.

Wild Teaser 1

Without Me by Chelle Bliss

Chelle Bliss, the author of the Men Of Inked series rocks in every way. So there is not a better man to introduce from her series than Anthony Gallo, a musician that is hot and swore he was going to be a bachelor forever. Little did he know that a woman would come crashing into his life and rock the very foundation he stood on. Max has reasons of her own for staying single, but once Anthony sets his sights on her he is not willing to back down. Those Gallo men! They are head strong, tattooed, muscled sweethearts!Without Me Teaser 2

Without Me Teaser

Assure Her by Thia Finn

Keeton is your ultimate rock star and his personal life moves at the same speed as his tour bus, until Chandler joins the band and he starts to see things in a different light. It took me a little while to fall for Keeton but once I did, I fell hard and saw his transformation throughout the story.

Keeton Macdonald or KeeMac as the band calls him is intrigued with the beautiful, shy,and conservative Chandler from the moment her fingers move across the keys on the keyboard. She is a puzzle that he wouldn’t mind solving but he also knows that they are world’s apart and is not sure how she will fit into his “on the road”, “party till you drop” life. He needs to totally focus on his music and career yet he cannot stay away from her. After mistakes are made and Chandler is left devastated from one phone call, he realizes that he has to capture her heart and body and will do anything to bring back her joy and make her sadness disappear. Keeton was a source of frustration for me at first until he seduced me with his kind heart later in the story. He could still be a bit on the domineering side with Chandler but his heart was always in the right place

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Cousin Improper by Delilah Wilde

This book provided two firsts for me. Before now I have never read a book by Delilah Wilde nor a book about a romance between cousins. Cousins you say? No worries they are not related by blood and not even by marriage anymore so this is just forbidden enough to be sexy but not gross. Delilah wove the perfect tale of complex and interesting characters with a unique story line. Angela and Tim are hot, hot, hot and set fire to your libido early on and keep it burning.

The last thing that Tim wants to do this weekend is spend time with his family who ostracized him so many years before. He is only there in support of his grams until the beautiful, sexy, Angela walks through the door. Sparks start to fly and as much as he tries to avoid her, eventually desire ignites and wins out. The weekend becomes a whirlwind of heat and drama that hurls them into danger that they both would have never foreseen. What’s not to love about the leather wearing, bike riding, walking sexy appeal that is Tim. He is beyond sexy and I was so happy to see the two black sheep of their respective families find each other through all the craziness.

If you love stepbrother romance then I think that Tim will win you over with his bike, tatoos and strong protective side, he is hard to resist!

“It had to be the one and only time. It could never happen again. And no one could ever find out.”

I hope that you enjoy these bad boys as much as do. They know how to warm up the bed and your heart. You know what they say “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, although these cover sure are pretty to look at! Happy Reading and tell me about some bad boys that are near and dear to your heart!


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