Five Reasons We Love Zaycon Foods


We are a frugal, health conscious, time saving family. When we find something on sale, we stock up and we have three deep freezers to prove it. Once again people don’t really understand all that we do to save money, they often think that we shop in excess. I can tell you that I would much rather see a freezer full of meat than buy an expensive purse or pair of shoes. When we look at a freezer full of meat, we see security in a unplanned emergency situation. Our stockpile in the freezer, pantry, and stockpiling closets will only sustain us for quite some time if the need arises but also allows us to donate to others as well.

When we discovered Zaycon foods, we were so excited and knew this was a way for us to build up a surplus of meat at a very reasonable price. Who doesn’t want to spend $1.69 a pound on boneless skinless chicken breast instead of $1.99 a pound. That translates to significant savings when you buy 40 pounds at a time. We have ordered several times now and we have found the meat to be delicious and very high quality. We are so excited about Zaycon Foods that we decided to share five reasons with you why buying meat this way is best for our family.

#1 Convenience: We love placing our order and paying online so that there is no waiting in lines and getting frustrated. It is simple, easy, and takes very little time. Nowadays time is not a luxury that many of us have to spare with all of our family and work obligations. We just visit and select the quantity that we would like to order. We then pay and print out the order confirmation.

#2 Low-Cost: This a big factor for our family as I am sure it is for yours. With a family of six, costs quickly add up and we look for every opportunity to save money without sacrificing to much time or our health. Zaycon foods cost are often lower than the grocery store which makes us a very happy customer.

#3 Fresh: We love that the meats come straight from the farm and are of higher quality even though it cost less since the meat is purchased in bulk.

#4 Buying in bulk: When we make a larger purchase instead of a smaller purchase we are able to go longer periods of time between without buying meat.

#5 Customer Service: Once we make the purchase, it can often be two weeks before the scheduled day to pick up our order. Zaycon sends us periodic texts and emails to remind us of the scheduled date. Living in such a hectic world we need all the reminders we can get.

Zaycon foods has available a varied selection of meat such as sausage, bacon, steak, ribs, and of course boneless, skinless chicken breast and offers in various parts of the United States. This way they can service more customers. We absolutely recommend Zaycon and wish your family delicious, affordable meals with lots of savings.

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